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Update Together Ref by MidNightFlyer53 Update Together Ref by MidNightFlyer53
i do have my own world were this two do live. 

sorry for the spelling i'm not that great at spelling

MidNight Flyer (mine)

Gender : female 
Age : 16
Breed : unicorn part dragon
Like's : cute things, learning new things. spending time with her boyfriend, playing skyrim, draawing and listening to music.
Dislike's : being scared, spicy food's, summer.
info : midnight is a shy pony and very soft hearted. she does get mad but you have to really piss her off in order to. she likes to keep her self claim. 
Story : the story of midnight flyer
  it does not have her cutie mark story yet.
Kira (boyfriend's oc)
Gender : male
Age : 18 
Breed : unicorn
Like's : learning new thing, spending time with his girlfriend. teaching his girlfriend new thing's, all food's, and playing with fire, playing video game's, and listening to music.
Dislike's : being challenged/tested, have to clean up after someone's mess(talking about like a fight or drama).
info : kira uses fire magic and is able to transform into a dragon. but not all the time he can only do it so many times per day because it takes out a lot of energy. but when he does is can't stay in that form for long. 
Back story : The story of Kire 

if there something you want to ask me ask me.
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