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Mystic magic ref by MidNightFlyer53 Mystic magic ref by MidNightFlyer53

Name : Mystic magic

Age : unknown

Species : unicorn

Likes : using her healing magic, being there for her friends, winter, sweets, baking,

Dislikes : summer, mean pony’s, spicy foods,

Personality : an outgoing pony. Loves to help others out, powerful in magic, can be shy at times, gets mad very little. Keeps herself cliam.

Back story :

Mystic magic has been train under starswirl the bearded for many years. When Mystic magic was little she saw how powerful starswirl was so Mystic magic was train by other ponies before starswirl. Mystic magic was able to learn healing magic but many others see more beyond her. So one day Mystic magic ask starswirl to train her in magic. Over many years of training Mystic magic was able to make a second magic ability. Unicorns are only known to have one set of magic. Well Mystic magic had two when she used her magic for healing or other then battling it would be blue like the color in her mane will glow to it to. Mystic magic also had her second magic ability that will turn pink when she uses it for battling also the pink in her hair will glow as will. Mystic magic used to have blue eyes until her second magic ability made her left eye turn pink. It didn’t affect her eyesight so she didn’t mind it. While starswirl was surprised how powerful Mystic magic is so he keeps training and making sure she keeps it under control. Even tho Mystic magic can control her magic with without having problems starswirl still keeps an eye on her. Mystic magic keep on training from starswirl until he disappear one day. Mystic magic went looking for him on day and never found him. So Mystic magic just adventure around and fighting off the darkness.  

i will make her cutie mark backstory soon
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