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Fairy Tail Update by MidNightFlyer53 Fairy Tail Update by MidNightFlyer53
i do have my own world were this two do live. 

sorry for the spelling i'm not that great at spelling

MidNight Flyer (mine)
Gender : female 
Age : 16
Breed : unicorn part dragon
Like's : cute things, learning new things. spending time with her boyfriend, playing skyrim, and drawing.
Dislike's : being scared, spicy food's, summer.
info : midnight is a shy pony and very soft hearted. she does get mad but you have to really piss her off in order to. she likes to keep her self claim. 
Back story : 
the story of midnight flyerThis is the backstory of midnight flyer.
this does not have her cutie mark story because i will be changing her cutie mark. i'm going back to my old cutie mark because i feel like it's shows more about me. i love drawing and i love music. 
The land of equestria was in war between the land of dragon’s and the land of pony’s. Pony’s hated the dragons and band all the dragon’s to the dragon’s land. Now any of the dragon’s come over to the long of pony’s that or either sent back to the land of dragon’s or killed depends on what they did or what they are doing. But there was one    dragons that didn’t like the dragon’s. He was a nice dragon and like the pony’s. His name was razer. Razer didn’t like to live with the dragon’s he even when to the princess's and ask to live with the pony’s but they don’t believe him so they sent him back to the dragon’s land. There was a unic

Kira (boyfriend's oc)
Gender : male
Age : 18 
Breed : unicorn
Like's : learning new thing, spending time with his girlfriend. teaching his girlfriend new thing's, all food's, and playing with fire, playing video game's.
Dislike's : being challenged/tested, have to clean up after someone's mess(talking about like a fight or drama).
info : kira uses fire magic and is able to transform into a dragon. but not all the time he can only do it so many times per day because it takes out a lot of energy. but when he does is can't stay in that form for long. 
Back story : coming to a town near you soon. 

if there something you want to ask me ask me.
jackydude77 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
heh i get the fairytail ref from the anime

nice art
MidNightFlyer53 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
thank you. i fell in love with it so i add some stuff.
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October 8, 2017
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