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Things to Know First

  1. I have the right to refuse a commission (I never have so far, so you probably don't need to worry about this).

  2. I have a job in the afternoon until night with hours that can potentially vary depending on the schedule, so I may not get your commission done right away.

  3. If you choose to commission me (and I must thank you if you do) I'll need either a detailed description and/or a reference image.

    • Reference picture(s) must be clear enough to give me an idea of what the character looks like

    • If you can't find reference pictures then I need descriptive details

    • If the character is a pony, I'll need to see clearly what their cutie mark looks like (if they have one)

  4. These will always be posted on my deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr mod blog, Twitter and possibly Instagram. If you what like to remain anonymous when I add credits, you'll have to tell me so.

  5. I will always show you a sketch of what you're commissioning. You're free to make changes as you wish until you're happy. Once I move onto line work and coloring, I won't make any other changes to the picture.

  6. If you use the artwork anywhere else, please credit me as the artist.

  7. Prices are all USD.

  8. I accept payment through Paypal.

What I Will Draw

  • Ponies and anything you might find in my examples below. See my gallery for more examples

  • Mildly risque content (like tasteful nudity where the private areas are covered)

What I Won't Draw

  • Excessive gore

  • Nudity (NSFW)

  • Sexual or fetish scenes

How to Order

Read through through this and fill out the order form linked below. I will not accept any commissions that aren't filled out using this form. Everything will remain private and will never be shared with anyone else.


Prices With Examples Below

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