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A selection of the favourites I've found over time through my browsing- anything I commend for the use of different techniques, the skill, or just how plain awesome it is.

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Hey everyone, I've been thinking a bit lately and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to know more about my watchers- what people like about my art, what kinds of pieces they like seeing from me most, that kind of thing. At the same time, I want to thank everyone that's watched me so far, so it was about time I held another raffle. 

So! Let's do both in one- I'm hosting a raffle for all my watchers, and answering the questionnaire will serve as the entry ticket! This way I can hear some more feedback from you guys, and when it's all done I'll do the draw and do a piece for the winner. 

Edit: I've decided to open the raffle to people who don't want to answer the questions as well, so it can be shared instead
Edit 2: Now you can get two tickets by both answering the questions and sharing the raffle

Without further ado, here's how it goes:

Step 1: Answer the questions AND\OR share this journal

If you decided to answer the questions, then your answers can be as simple or as detailed as you like, though try to put in at least something for each one. If you don't really have an answer, it's okay to say that

  1. Is there any specific piece of my work that got you interested in the rest of my stuff?

  2. What do you think the best quality of my work is?

  3. What do you like the least about my art?

  4. Do you have a favourite piece of art that I've done? If so, why?

  5. What would you like to see more of from me? It can be something I do regularly, or something I don't do often

  6. Why did you decide to watch me? 

  7. Would you commission me if it was affordable? If so, what would you commission and for what price? (Can list any kind of style or format of art)

  8. How interested would you be in any larger projects I started- long comics, animated videos, that kind of thing?

  9. If I live-streamed, would you be interested in checking it out?

  10. Do you like it when an artist explains a piece in the description- the techniques, the process, the problems, the inspirations, etc.?

  11. Below is a list of some different types of pieces I have been working on, or am planning to work on in the future- highlight the ones that you'd like to see (you can select them and make them bold- select as many or as few as you like):
    a. Character portraits with background
    b. Symbolic art series (pieces based around representing a concept with visual symbols, most planned around things relating to the mind)
    c. Other themed art series: eg. Playing cards, zodiac, that sort of thing
    d. Character reference sheets
    e. Full-body page-doll style pixel works
    f. Video game style pixel works
    g. Art study compilations
    h. Landscape\scenery pictures
    i. Mini-comics
    j. Basic animations
    k. Art challenges\memes- eg. Inverted art, three colours, one line, style challenge, draw this in your style
    l. Inked pieces (ie. the Inktober pieces. I'll finish them before next October I sweeeaaaarr)
    m. Watercolour pieces
    o. Acrylic paintings
    p. Clay sculptures
    q. Pen drawings & sketches
    r. Creative writing- poetry, descriptive pieces, short stories, etc
    s. Experimental stuff- combining mediums, trying out stuff completely out of the normal for me, those kinds of odds and ends
    t. Completing old unfinished works- digging through my WIPS and seeing what I can do with them
    u. Timer Challenge Portraits

  12. Optional: Are there any questions you want to ask me? Feel free to ask away, I'll do my best to answer
If you don't want to answer the questions, but you still want to enter the raffle, then you can share this journal in a journal post instead.

NEW: If you want two tickets, you can do both!

Step 2: Comment below

If it's easier, you can copy and paste the questions and write the answers underneath, or you can just list the numbers and write your answers for the corresponding question. For the last one, you can just list the letter for each one if it's easier that way. However you do it, to enter into the raffle put your answers in a comment on this journal, where I'll check them out as soon as I can

Alternatively, comment with a link to your post sharing the raffle, and it'll count just the same

This raffle is open to all watchers! (New watchers are also welcome!)

Step 3: Get your ticket and wait!

When I've got your comment, I'll reply on it with a ticket number\s to let you know that you've entered! I'll also try to answer any questions if you have them. Although one person can have more than one ticket, a person can only win once and count as one entry- if a winning ticket is drawn, then any other tickets held by the same person will be taken out to give everyone else a chance if the secondary prizes are unlocked.

This raffle needs a minimum of 10 people entering to be unlocked!

If 20 people enter, I'll open up two secondary prizes as well!

Then, just wait- this raffle will close when the 1st of December 2018 is over for me! Generally just get the entry in before November is over for you and you'll be fine, I'll update the journal when the raffle is closed. The draw will be done via random number generator

Step 4: The prize

If the right number of entries are reached, there will be three prizes in total: the main winner, and the two secondaries. 

The main prize will be a half-body portrait piece with a simple background, similar to the pieces below:
Jasmine by MidnightFedoraOC Spree #1.4 by MidnightFedoraContest Entry - Beary by MidnightFedora

The two secondaries will be extended timer-challenge pieces: I will give each one 40 minutes to do a rough portrait painting of the character, maybe including some form of background depending on the complexity of the character
Addy [30 Minutes] by MidnightFedoraData [25 Minutes] by MidnightFedoraNaomi [25 Minute Challenge] by MidnightFedora

To any that decide to participate- thank you in advance for your help! I think it's long overdue that I get to know everyone a bit better, and try to see my art from another's perspective to understand my strengths and flaws better

Until next time, everyone, 

Stay brilliant!

- Mikhael

Current entries:
1. ZoraSpringer (#1, #2)
2. II-K (#3)
Main prize unlocked
Secondary prizes unlocked


I'm holding an art raffle! You can get up to two tickets- one by sharing the raffle, the other by answering some questions. There's up to three art prizes available if enough people enter!
Check it out:
Internet's back! Considering I was dreading going a couple of weeks without it, only having to deal with a couple of days is great. I can get back to posting again
My Internet's down, so I'm going to be AWOL for a little while, and I don't even know when it'll be fixed >:/
Hey everyone, just wanted to mention that I'm working on a bunch of pieces at the moment, and because a number of them need to be released together (and preferably before everything else), it's going to be about another week before I'm posting again: in the meantime, I can finally let all my other social media catch up to my DA
Hey guys! How is everyone?

I've just spent the last few days at a friend's place, a few hours from where I live. I used the train and bus system by myself for the first time, slept on a slowly deflating air mattress on the floor of a small yet comfy dorm, and I think I got drafted into the BTS Army. I'm not entirely sure on that front, but I can tell them apart now. It was all a lot of fun, and it was great to see my friend again after all this time. 

An important thing that I'm only going to mention briefly here, is that I've been put on some medication lately. It's had me feeling really off, on top of not getting much sleep and dealing with a lot of personal life stuff. It has started getting better though, and I'm working with people to get through things. I was having a bit of a problem with reading stuff for a little while, and I struggled to put together sentences, but now I think I'm good enough that I can go back to commenting and responding to people. There's a bunch of art that I'll have finished soon, now that I'm back home I can keep working on it, and I look forward to getting stuff out there and being active again. We'll take it slow, but I'm glad to be back after my sort of break


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Hi Mikhael,
just wanted to drop by to say I appreciate your watch. You have great work yourself - I'll look towards seeing what you come up with it the future. (also super intrigued about the comic COLOURS, but take your time) 😊
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