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I've been reading Neuromancer. It's fucking dope. There's seriously not enough fan art.

I've been playing Dark Souls (mainly 3, started 1 and 2). It's fucking dope. Great fan art.

Before that I played Bloodborne again. It's fucking dope. Amazing fan art.

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Bloodborne - Witch of Hemwick
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The alliteration in this title pleases me.

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I love watching playthroughs of the DS series and Bloodborne (I get absolutely wrecked when trying to play myself). I'm a casual, I admit it ^^;

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Hi you! I hope you have a minute. :D

Getting wrecked is just part of playing those games, unless you're a super serious elite hardcore player who is utterly intent on not dying. I've played through Bloodborne 4 times by now, and 2 times through DS3, where I'm currently doing two playthroughs with separate characters (on is a new one, the other being my first ever one on NG+2). It's best to play with a friend, as in, it's a bit easier and oh so much more fun.

I'm currently playing through DS3 with a friend, with whom I also play through Bloodborne before that. I guess I'm good enough, and she's way better. We both die a lot. My first Soulsborne game was Bloodborne, and I sucked so damn hard at it when I first started playing.

I literally couldn't get past the very first enemy and died so many times I almost gave up lol. But I figured it out and was on my way.

It was the same when I started DS3. Even though I had good Bloodborne training under my belt, I couldn't beat the first boss, which is pretty much at the start of the game. Like, he's more or less the tutorial boss. Couldn't beat him, even after dozen of tries. I actually gave up and didn't touch the game for several months. My friend encouraged and pestered me to pick it up again, and I gave in and tried again. It took me a few attempts and then I finally fucking got him - the fucking tutorial boss lol.

Then I was on my way.

These games are never easy, and were note made to be easy. But you can get really good by taking the mechanics for what they are, adapting to them and learning by trial and error. You have to learn real patience and some discipline. You have to find your balance between defensive and offensive combat approaches depending on your chosen build. It's really fucking hard and ultra frustrating at first, but as you keep improving, it becomes more and more fun, or at least it will satisfying and rewarding to progress through a playthrough.

You're gonna beat bosses you previously thought you'd never be able to survive to much, let alone defeat them. I went from "fuck this shit who the fuck finds enjoyment in this pointlessly hard shit?!" to "gimme gimme gimme" over the span of a few weeks in the beginning.

But yeah, if you're a casual player and don't feel like going above and beyond that, those games just aren't for you and I know they're also awesome to just watch. They're amazing games through and through. I'm glad you enjoy them that way.