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Making something with textures from the visionary Sirius-sdz is only half the story, because his amazing resources make me want to engage in personal art therapy to begin with. I don't get some idea and then try to realize it. No, I see his artful textures and then I want to make something with them. I don't know what kind of creative person this makes me. It's very therapeutic to to feel inspiration to do this every once in a blue moon, sit down late at night, browse his textures, listen to hard hitting electronic music and just have a go at it when the vibe is just right.

Chopping this together in particular was heavily influenced by watching and re-watching DARK, listening to industrial techno music and being blessed with a couple of highly skilled and ultra creative artist friends. Of course I still browse art every single day. 
I love dark art and super trippy colorful art and I can't help hitting both of these aspects when I make something.

Looking at this finished image makes me happy. That's all that counts for me after the actual creation process.

Thank you for looking.

p.s.: I have re-submitted this via old DA since through Eclipse. it ended up in Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Other, which is just dumb, since it's neither. As it is, Eclipse's over-simplified, tag-based "categories" suck for browsing and finding art.
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Dark has been a good inspiration, hasn't it :) I like this piece, and the sense of a watchful presence. :heart: 
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DARK IS THE BEST and you know it. His name is Fernando.
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Nice!  Thanks for sharing. :highfive:
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Thanks. It's been a while since my last submission. :)