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...what is not your own.

But time will solve everything, even you.

As this image resembles more than one scenario, I'll leave the part of interpretation all up to you this time.
You can get the central them from the title and the first two lines of this description.

Any kind of feedback is welcome, but sharing your personal interpretation of this right here will be most appreciated.

Fullview or Black Plague!

stock abused: amongst unknown others, ~silent-music-stock, ~GrotesquePup-Stock, ~borrowedwings; thanks for providing.

edit: sorry for the update again, but I had to touch up some ugly parts and make some minor adjustments.
    Thanks so much the your feedback everyone.

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excellent textures
Very good job!
scharskowitz's avatar
Love this! :D
I see some sort of rage and...ruins...time rushing...blood...
miles-tebbutt's avatar
very cool, great composition!
Wan-Ka's avatar
Another interpretation : the warrior has been watching the thing's pussy for so long he died. COOL.

Well I really like this work actually, so wicked.
Cometa-Guavaberry's avatar
madbaumer37's avatar
i really like the robotic-like, inanimate features of the figure below's anatomy. it looks insectile.. it reaches upward, with tainted hands to wrestle away what looks to be someone's optic nerves. all the while something ugly begins to manifest above.
ashleyhollywood's avatar
it's kind of creepy.. i really like it :)
love the textures
GillianAlexiel's avatar
i love all the warm pattern and textures...even if it's flowers like on the belly it still looks frightening. take take take is always the most disgusting attitude...
HungryCreative's avatar
Great work my friend... my personal fave of your gallery pics!
mozpoll's avatar
Quite like this one
Gugul's avatar
It´s a nice concept but I think the image is alittle bit dirty, and the idea gets lost!!!
RemiisMeltingDots's avatar
thee is so many textured i think there is too many its my taste even it an really good picture nice compo mabe the clok is not enough detail
godlessart's avatar
zackharian's avatar
Whoah. Awesome.
AutumnRainDoLL's avatar
sucg gloom & doom. awww :cute: Yup, we ALL shall get ours in the end. isn't karma great!!! :clap: :rose: ok, now 4 the artsy stuff.... i like how the antique clock adds to the mood that greedy little ppl claim now, but the clock of life is always ticking. : ) oh, and the hand looks like it's holding a raw chicken w/ a horned mask. i reed too deeply into things. hmm
DWALKER1047's avatar
I know what you wrote on your comments, but I do not take the piece this way. The clock ticking...running out of time. The hands drawing your eye to dreariness, hopelessness, with a hint of perserverence. Great piece for one to use their imagination. :D
inflikedbylife's avatar
i think its to much going on it could use some depth becuase it feel kind of flat might have been what ur goign for but it didnt appeal to my eyes i wish the cokuclock was lighter cuase its hard to make out any detial.
BlackDogStrut's avatar
my interpretation is retribution for the wicked.
i love your work, btw. i think its brilliant
JonBeinart's avatar
Great work. Had to fav. Once again your colour and texture grabbad me. The composition is great too. Are you familiar with the work of Joel Peter Whitkin?
MidnightExigent's avatar
Yes, I am. :D
Thank you!
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