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Portal opening day by shepa Portal opening day :iconshepa:shepa 387 22 untitled _ by shepa untitled _ :iconshepa:shepa 571 36 Genesis by RodrigoICO Genesis :iconrodrigoico:RodrigoICO 839 83 Machine 17 by Zoonoid Machine 17 :iconzoonoid:Zoonoid 1,450 37 The Last Ray by SRudy The Last Ray :iconsrudy:SRudy 499 147 Helmets are the shit by Zedig Helmets are the shit :iconzedig:Zedig 384 8 Old Beach by Dumaker Old Beach :icondumaker:Dumaker 1,039 66 MCKY NOUS by Nemons MCKY NOUS :iconnemons:Nemons 166 24 Substitution by Miles-Johnston Substitution :iconmiles-johnston:Miles-Johnston 5,518 451 Conquest by fmacmanus Conquest :iconfmacmanus:fmacmanus 143 28 There Will Be Milkshakes! by davidmacdowell There Will Be Milkshakes! :icondavidmacdowell:davidmacdowell 72 7 Dude 3 by fightpunch Dude 3 :iconfightpunch:fightpunch 1,546 31 Holographic Memory by farboart Holographic Memory :iconfarboart:farboart 250 33 Acolyte by timmolloy Acolyte :icontimmolloy:timmolloy 882 92 The Big Game by leothefox The Big Game :iconleothefox:leothefox 22 2 Fractured by expiringsun Fractured :iconexpiringsun:expiringsun 25 8

Loveless Midnight Art Feature Series

Loveless Midnight #1 - Armor of the AgesBe it in wars of ancient times or the present conflicts of humankind
Whether in the wildest battles of science fiction and epic fantasy combined
Ranging our past long gone or imagined futures far off
There is always striking armor worn by the defenders and offenders of warring factions
Ready for the daunting clash of fatal interaction
Designed to protect, intimidate and impress, they serve the same purpose in every realm
Dull iron, shiny chrome, simple or intricate
The paladin, the space marine, the dungeon keeper, the cybernetic,
Try bullets, swords or lasers
Metal versus metal
In any place, any age, any plane of reality
Standing against these fighters is a fool's mentality.
Meet these valiant warriors in their astounding second skins.

LOVELESS MIDNIGHT #2: STAR STUFF IN USYou envied those constellations beyond us 
I felt your hungry stare
Wanting them to possess you
But knowing not how to dare
So I offered in love to show you
What you did not yet understand
These shimmering shards above us
Could be reborn within our hands
Spiral through dark sinews
A gasping galaxy of minds
When it was all over, darling
We were the universe entwined.


  Gaia by Michael-C-Hayes
Ocean, Stars, Sky, and You by muddymelly
Loveless Midnight #3: To AI or not to AI
“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race…. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded”
- Stephen Hawking

Android Legacy: Soul Of A New Machine by fantasio Retro Robots by Hofarts

Oil shop by Andead Love Struck Salvage Bot by JohnPowell
Get Lost You Stinking Robot by melora MICRONAUT by RSConnett

Be Still by TheMichaelMacRae Liar! Asimov by davidkeen
Psicomemorie NO12 by DDR1968 AI-nnec by EVentrue

Loveless Midnight #4: Mysteries of the Occult
Enjoy listening to our recommended soundscape while you browse the feature. 
There is no greater power than the one others do not believe you possess."– Luis Marques 

When you start to notice the mystical, the mystical will start to notice you."– Dacha Avelin
The Soul Collector by verdantwyrm by Doppelganger-art
Necromancer by Bogdan-MRK
Shape Shifter by js4853Eye of Raven by ArtgermSideshow Collectibles: Death Supreme by FabianMonk 
Coronation of deads by mad-jojo
Magic has big sharp teeth. When it bites, it doe
Loveless Midnight #5: The Pleasure Principle "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul. "
― Pablo Neruda

“I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary.”  
― Margaret Atwood

The Undead Lovers by IMustBeDeadTwo Lovers by Biffno
'TIl Death do us part by thefreshdoodle
"Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.”
― Paulo Coelho
Loveless Midnight #6: The Macabre MadhouseJoin the weird and the wily as we stage our show
You've heard the rumours, this is the place to go!
The cotton candy's scarce and forget merry-go-rounds
But if you're lucky, you might kill a clown.
Come back my child, don't be scared
It's only a lady with an untrimmed beard.
What's that howling you ask? Must be the acrobats
A bad performance can merit the rack. 
Are you frightened of the freaks? I know they're a sight
But the truly awful ones only come out at night.

In the meantime there's so much more to enjoy:
The magician, the lion-tamer, the two-headed boy. 
We're a circus of misfits, a madhouse of fun
Let's get you a costume so you can stick around!

Loveless Midnight #7: Oddities After 11
Stranger Things is beautiful and otherwordly. It gives a strange sense of comfort even in the show's most uncomfortable situations. There is nostalgia and then there's nostalgia executed with excellence.
Those kids... they're kids. One can feel like a kid again watching them. They're awkward, they play, they have adventures.
They really pull you in, don't they? These characters are wonderfully convincing.
We can't help but have a favorite - Eleven, of course. I like "Elf" for her, which also happens to mean eleven in German. Works, right?
That enigmatic, tortured girl can't not be the focus of this feature, hence the title. She speaks very few words through the series and yet expresses so much thanks to Millie Bobby Brown's haunting performance.
We had no difficulties finding amazing fan art pieces for Stranger Things with which we can explore the characters, places and underlying themes. Let's go to the Upsidedown. Don't get lost.
Loveless Midnight #8: Ghost Shell
All things change in a dynamic environment.
Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.

I feel confined, only free to expand myself within boundaries.

If a technological feat is possible, man will do it.
Almost as if it's wired into the core of our being.

Loveless Midnight: BloodborneFor MidnightExigent who wanted to discover more fan art of the game.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower by ZezhouVicar Amelia by AtenebrisDream by yagaminoue
Chant by MattBarleyVicar Amelia by MattBarley
Vicar by MattBarley
LADY MARIA - BLOODBORNE by VictorGarciapqBloodborne fan art by dleoblackFATHER GASCOIGNE by VictorGarciapq
148/365 bloodborne 3 by snatti89Red moon's raising (Bloodborne fanart) by cloudintrousers


276 cats by nicolas-gouny-art 276 cats :iconnicolas-gouny-art:nicolas-gouny-art 365 68 Ghost's procession by ZeenChin Ghost's procession :iconzeenchin:ZeenChin 1,500 58 Level UP by DeadSlug Level UP :icondeadslug:DeadSlug 12,291 563 silence by loish silence :iconloish:loish 14,021 373 Gurudev namah by noisecraft Gurudev namah :iconnoisecraft:noisecraft 1,603 79 Mt. Saimour by FerdinandLadera Mt. Saimour :iconferdinandladera:FerdinandLadera 6,255 143 Graviton by ErikShoemaker Graviton :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 7,773 730 KEILAH: A New Beginning by FerdinandLadera KEILAH: A New Beginning :iconferdinandladera:FerdinandLadera 1,829 193

As surprisingly usable and neat I find DA's new site - codenamed Eclipse - I have to wonder what the goals are. Or rather, if the goal includes getting deviants and visitors to spend more time here and interact more.

Eclipse looks good in terms of modern web design, its functionality feels much improved, some of it noticeably intuitive even.

As much as the design can be argued for or against in terms of visuals and usability, the black or white look almost entirely devoid of flair and visually comforting layout elements make it feel far less homely. Homely as in making deviants perfectly comfortable to spend hours on end on the site across various areas without getting tired of it.

That's a strong and lasting memory of DA since the time I have joined until some years ago. It went through a handful design overhauls in that time and somehow it has always looked homely in a way. It wasn't overbearing. It's hard to get a good balance between a comfy site design and focus on content, I know. If you ask most people, they'll say they wanna see bigger images, and more of them, and less seemingly useless design elements. Eclipse answers that call, in my opinion. But it feels like the price to pay is the homely flair that gave DA a more or less unique personality. Character, charisma, aura etc. if you will. I'm not sure it's just lack of DA's trademark greens, although I would love a friendly green mode in addition to the black and white options. They have their use, and users, but I can't see myself staring at white or black pages for long at a time. Both become a pain in the eyes.

I think that sense was a major ingredient of the magic juice that made people spend hours and hours almost every day on here, not just the various types of contents and interactions with others.

I believe it does take a homely space to facilitate long-term quality interactions.

It's great that there's less clutter and more focus on image content. Some of the new or overhauled features are much better. The new journal editor alone is a breeze. Writer was technically impressive but a serious pain in the ass. Profiles look so much neater now and the customization isn't a nightmare anymore. Watch and Notifications are up to par now. And to hell with the old insane clusterfuck of a category tree, especially since cleaning up and preventing miscategorizations hasn't been a priority in years. The new dynamic frontpage is a much needed concept. I bookmark my go-to browse destinations anyway and mostly leave discovery and exploration to what the frontpage, my Watch and deviations featured elsewhere show me.

That's just a few selected examples.

To be fair, I bet a lot of people who are complaining about Eclipse don't realize that it's in great part what they have been asking for for ages in terms of design and focus on content. Not many people ever think this through and actually envision what they are asking for.

DA obviously thought it through, and for a long time at that. I know this for a fact.

I also know for a fact that no technical change to the site will ever recreate how it felt to me for several years, several years ago.


What's your preferred image file format? 

22 deviants said Peengee
8 deviants said Gaypeg
5 deviants said Rawr
3 deviants said Bigmac
2 deviants said Jiff


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
formerly Thunderstatement / spinegrinder

~ * % $ `


I really hate that there's no "Popular / 1 Year" browse mode.

I have a great big boner for Eclipse.


Why does DA suddenly compress deviation images to hell and back? Fullview images visibly show more compression artifacts than download images (if enabled). It's especially visible when there's red tones mixed with line work.

Maybe it doesn't matter when viewed on phones (mobile web or app) but it sure can make a visible difference on big laptop and desktop screens.

Needsmorejpeg by MidnightExigent

When you put sunglasses and a bowtie on a wizard llama, it looks like Santa Clause at an illegal rave.
Some days it really doesn't seem like defaulting DA's homepage to 24h Popular was a good idea, even when mature content is filtered out.

Or is today an international weight-gain fetish holiday?
Currently I count 6 "I jerk off to over-feeding women" deviations between offset=0 and offset=120.

Maybe the default homepage should be curated by people with eyes and minds for exquisite art, at least for logged out visitors. Visitors should be drawn in to explore the riches of DA rather than throwing a selection of WTF at them right away.


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