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Spiral Knights: Legacy of the Swarm



This is the book cover for a planned fan-fic for the game spiral knights, where 4 of my OCs are deployed to a dark mysterious planet orbiting cradle that seemingly emerged from no where, code named 'outer heaven', this frozen alien planet is as far from a paradise as one could imagine. Little did my OCs knew, contrast to cradle, outer heaven was powered by the ruinous dark swarm. To make matters worse, 200 years ago, a spiral order's ship crash landed on this planet and now her crew are mad cultists who will stop at nothing in order to hunt down outsiders.

Characters (from left to right):

-Christian Langley (sniper cyborg)
-Affraiel 'the beast' Greyionne (team leader/warden)
-Pythonne 'Saboteur' Silensky (team demolitionist)
-Midnight the boy Valkyrie 
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