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Binah by PeteMohrbacher Binah :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 9,244 206 Dark Souls - Solaire by Zedotagger Dark Souls - Solaire :iconzedotagger:Zedotagger 2,179 65 The Watchers on the Wall by 88grzes The Watchers on the Wall :icon88grzes:88grzes 5,199 114
Skyrim-Awkward Affections
Whiterun night was as peaceful as it could possibly afford after last dragon attack on western watch tower. Countless stars hung upon Night Lady's skirt as it jewels and the twin moon as her corsage. Pale azure aurora served as her veil. If one could personify the night, then she would be a fine lady bearing dress no mortals could even fathom weaving. With equally onyxian long hair with star encrusted tiara and aurora veil draped over her abyss black eyes.
Vilkas stopped looking up the dark sky as his neck started to hurt, bad. Misty white breath formed in front of his haggard visage as he breathed, embracing the cold night air.  He recognized the smell in the air, how the smaller animals behaved in late weeks, and how much less he encountered stray bears entering Whiterun farms. Winter was coming. In such realization, his ever thinking brain devised plans for upcoming winter, patrols on Whiterun perimeter, and hunt parties rosters. Rosters. He mused as he entered Jorrvaskr l
:iconrinnkruskov:RinnKruskov 73 26
Things That Go Lemmie in the Night
'Ar - ' Cosnach was interrupted by a loud, prolonged belch and had to start over again. 'Argis! My favourite drinking buddy! Let's get some mead!'
Acknowledging the Reachman's greeting with a curt nod, the Nord lowered himself heavily next to him and gestured to Kleppr to bring him a tankard.
'Still no shipments, eh?' he asked, casting an intent sideways glance at Cosnach's red face, which, the nose and cheekbones especially, seemed to gleam in the firelight.
The merchant tracts leading up to Markarth were notorious for frequent Forsworn attacks -  and there was very little hope that the situation would ever improve, as the new Thane blatantly refused to help in wiping out every single camp of those barbarians. She believed (foolishly, Argis thought to himself, but he was her housecarl so it was not really his place to argue) that the savage tribes of the Druadach mountains could be reasoned with - and taking advantage of her kindness, the half-naked demon worshippers kept swoopin
:iconnorroendyrd:NorroenDyrd 6 18
Skyrim - Whiterun Guard by MichalKus Skyrim - Whiterun Guard :iconmichalkus:MichalKus 726 34
Eye of the Storm - Chapter One
Chapter One
Vela walked along the cobble-stone path that cut through the rocky terrain of the Reach. She had been walking since leaving Whiterun nearly two weeks ago, but though she had the coin she had no desire to catch a carriage or purchase a horse. On foot she had the freedom to stray from the path, take detours and explore her surroundings as she pleased. She found solace in isolation, in the unsullied calm of the wilderness. Even in completing her latest mission for the Jarl she had set out alone. Companions merely broke the silences she relished.
She glanced up at the sun and smiled to herself.
The day was perfect, clear skies and quiet roads,and she was eager to enjoy it to its fullest.
Thank you, Kynareth...
Ever since she encountered the dragon called Mirmulnir in the plains of Whiterun, a simple clear sky had become a life saving blessing.
Now that Alduin was gone, there would be no more dragons emerging from their ancient tombs. All that was left was killing
:iconfallon-idalia:Fallon-Idalia 6 2
Brynjolf's Obsession: Tales of the Dragonborn 2
   I watch from the shadows as she drops down the ladder into the thieves guild. She moves so quietly she might as well be a Khajiit. I know I'm the first to notice her; once she's been spotted the boys of the guild tend to pay her extra attention, although they try not to form a crowd. I can't blame them, but I won't join them. Not that I'm any better. The lass fascinates me. I've tried to tell myself it's just the puzzle she represents, but now that I've tracked down answers the obsession doesn't seem to be waning.
    She's an Imperial, but I can't find anything that says she's lived anywhere but Skyrim. I'm not sure if she was born there, but she spent her early years in a remote mountain village too small to have a name in the south of Skyrim. If there was a father involved I didn't find any mention of him. Her mother did the best she could to take care of her. Seems she was a hunter of some sort, provided enough game to feed herself and her "Little Angel." I d
:iconphsbarbie:Phsbarbie 22 12


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