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This is where stuff happens. : I


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Sorry for this being way overdue, but I've been busy writing for the Paperhat VN and the early pages of MB Chapter 5! So, without further ado, I will post all the questions and answers from the 5th Anniversary Q&A into this journal!

Many, MANY thanks to everyone for their questions! I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of great things to come for this comic, and that I can keep making it as long as you all want it! :D

Mark-UnreadWhat inspired you to make Moonlit Brew? And why in Seattle? By who you got inspired for the characters of Lydia? And what is Lydia's favorite b-movie?
Back in... I believe late-2007 or sometime in 2008 at the latest, I originally wanted to make a comic that similar to Shaun of the Dead where it was a semi-lighthearted parody of zombie movies. I remembered reading somewhere that Simon Pegg and the other artists thought about making a sequel that involved werewolves and/or vampires, but they went ahead with Hot Fuzz, instead. (I don't think I need to point out that Simon hailing from Manchester and his first name are both nods to Shaun of the Dead. Wink/Razz

So, this made the gears in my head turn, and I thought to myself, "I don't think I've ever seen a movie/comic/TV series where a werewolf was the good guy!" 95% of them are portrayed as animal-like monsters, or the villain that wants humanity to go back to nature/get rid of humanity all together (i.e. the American Werewolf movies, the Underworld series, Van Helsing {the one with Hugh Jackman}, etc.).

Then, in the summer of 2008, right after I came back from my vacation in San Luis Obispo/Pismo Beach, I heard of this comic called Spice & Wolf; I fell in love with the premise of this merchant finding a wolf deity who's taken human form, and wants to return to wherever she came from in exchange for her helping the merchant be more successful. A few chapters into this story, the pieces finally fell into place: I wanted to make a comic that was kinda-sorta like Spice & Wolf, but have it set in modern times. 

Of course, the original artist didn't want to work on the comic with me yet (especially since I didn't have a credit card or any money at that point, since I was 16/17 at the time), so I waited 5 years. In those 5 years, Persona 4 and Being Human came into my life. The way the former handled character development was absolutely enviable, and then you have the American version of Being Human who has this premise of vampires/werewolves having to hide in plain sight and live like normal people, no matter how hard it got. I'm honestly kinda glad it took that long to finally get started, because not only would the plot have been drastically different, but also would've been more rough around the edges in terms of writing quality.

Lydia's appearance was partially inspired by Luna, from Alpha Luna, with hints of Holo from Spice & Wolf. With that said, I wanted a werewolf character that you, the reader, could relate to. Most werewolf characters tend to be self-centered or have an "edgy" personality, but I wanted Lydia to be different; aside from the whole being a werewolf thing, she seems like a normal girl until you talk to her about movies, and she'll light up like a Christmas tree, sorta like Chie from Persona 4 with kung-fu movies. I thought it would be a fitting touch that she likes B-movies, since that's where a lot of horror cinema originally came from! ;) (Wink)

As for why I have this take place in Seattle, I wanted a setting that wasn't touched much compared to a place like New York City/Los Angeles, and since there's tons of places to get coffee in the pacific northwest, I figured, why not Seattle? (Fun fact: For a brief second, I thought about MB taking place in Redlands/San Bernardino, California, but I was a bit worried that it might be "mary-sue" on my behalf. Sweating a little... )

And I believe I answered this last question ages ago, but one of Lydia's favorite movies is Troll 2!

YoshiDDRWhat are each main antagonist/protagonist's favourite IIDX song? (had to after that Mei reference)
That's a lot of songs. XD

Well, I guess I should give them a song that best matches the characters. Yeah, let's go with that (I hope licensed/removed songs will count):

Sam: LUV CAN SAVE U - Hideki Naganuma
Simon: BAD BOY BASS!! (dj Remo-con MIX) - Y&Co (They can call it "Hi-NRG" all they want; that song is UK Hard House and they know it!)
Lydia: Spin The Disc - Good-Cool
Ramirez: Speedy Cat - Y&Co
Donovan: Symmetry - 猫叉Master

AJ-LethalWhat would have been the silliest thing Lydia has ever done in her werewolf form?
Hmm... I remember many years ago, someone on a forum was pitching ideas for a werewolf comic, and one of them was about a pizza delivery service where the people that deliver food are werewolves at night. So I think something along those lines would be pretty silly. That, or she's a nighttime sign-spinner; she'd definitely get some looks from drivers if she ever did that! XP

Rocker234Is Lydia a fan of werewolf movies? If so, which ones are some of her favorites? ^w^
I wouldn't be surprised if she was! I'm thinking just about whatever one you throw at her, she's most likely seen and likes... 8 times out of 10. 
It would be pretty funny to imagine Lydia watching American Werewolf in London with Sam and Simon, and her being all "Psh, it doesn't take that long in real life!" during the transformation scene. :P (Lick)

Shaprite91Will we ever find out who bit Lydia in the first place?
Maybe. ;)

Will any other were-creatures appear in the comic series?
Hmm... maybe? I haven't really thought about other types of were-creatures, but I wouldn't see a reason why they couldn't exist. 

How does Lydia feel about not being able to wear clothes every full moon? XD
I'm sure she has to make plans to get home early whenever there's a full moon that night. This way, she can just strip down in her room before the change; I'm sure she views it as a "inconvenient necessity". 

That being said, her fur's thick enough to cover any sensitive parts. Hence why I've said in the past that it's more like wearing a speed skating suit, if anything.

JohnnyFive81What are your main influences when it comes to making comics?  Mine are Jeff Anderson (2000AD, Transformers UK), James Roberts (More Than Meets The Eye), Grant Morrison (Arkham Asylum) and Kazuki Takashi (Yu-Gi-Oh), with a dash of Joe Dante and Jean Pierre Jeunet.
I actually don't have a lot of influences when it comes to comics (mainly because I don't read them much. Sweating a little... ).

With that being said, I've always gravitated towards artists who happen to have experience with working on their TV/movie adaptations of their comics (i.e. Takehiko Itō , the guy who created Outlaw Star, or Isuna Hasekura, who created Spice and Wolf. ). I have deep admiration and respect for the type of comic artist/writer who cares more for substance rather than it just look real cool, especially those that aren't wanting to make a gigantic cast of characters and risk losing focus on making the plot good.)

I also liked Jhonen Vasquez's style as well, since his characters are more edged than rounded, but again, this is in terms of comic artists, which I'm afraid I can't really comment a lot about. Sweating a little...

xserekWhat helps you stay motivated when working on the comic becomes too tedious/reptitive? And outside of your own work, What's your favourite comic book and character in a comic book?
I try not to worry too much about what to write next, because if you stress too much about what should go next, you get this mental wall built up, and thus you lose motivation from not making any progress. If you asked me this question two years ago, I wouldn't have given you a good answer. 

Both Tom Is A Force of Evil and Love & Money (the Villainous visual novel I'm writing the script for) gave me my mojo back when it comes to finding motivation to write for Moonlit Brew. 

I actually went months without writing anything new MB's script because progress was too slow (be it from the artist only being able to work on x amount of pages at a time, or having to pay a lot of money out of your pocket just to keep the comic going), and it would leave me at a crossroads as to whether or not it was worth keeping the comic alive. Then I started writing projects like TIAFOE where it provided a nice break for me, and I was able to start coming up with new ideas for MB. So, if anyone is struggling with writing the script for their current project, it might not hurt to work on a smaller side-project to help keep your mind sharp while taking a "break" from your main one.

I've already mentioned Spice and Wolf as one of my favorite comic books, but as I've mentioned earlier, I actually don't read a lot of comic books. Sweating a little...

uniqueness35If Lydia got her own superhero suit, or just some cool armor in general, what would it look like?
Oh geez, this could go a lot of ways, depending on how this is answered. XD

Assuming you mean her human form, I think she would probably look something along the lines of the Batsuit from the Batman Arkham games; it wouldn't really be revealing, but would be practically bulletproof. Maybe it could be primarily red with hints of yellow and orange throughout.

As for her werewolf form... I'm pretty sure she would look pretty ridiculous if she wore something like that; it would be sorta like if the Hulk wore a suit, or if she wore that same batsuit-like armor, her body would burst through it. XD

If Lydia fought Dracula from the Gary Oldman movie, who would win?
The director of said movie, from all the billions of dollars of revenue they'd make. :P (Lick)

If Lydia didn't feel like going out at night as a werewolf, what would she do? Would she just stay home and sleep? Did she have those nights, before?
Yep! I would imagine when she's not wanting to explore around out of boredom, she would stay in her room and either watch movies, browse online, and so on. She'll sometimes do it in the living room when she knows her parents are working late at the movie theater (i.e. a midnight screening, etc. ). 

Flyingtaco2002Why is Lydia so cool? :3
Because she's doing stuff that most other women wish they could do at her age. Wink/Razz

Are there dragons in that universe? If so, will we see one maybe?
Ehh, I'm not sure; I haven't thought about it. XD I once wrote a series of stories about a were-dragon ages ago, but the writing's not the same quality as it is now.  XD

I would think having full-blown dragons would feel out of place in a story like Moonlit Brew. I might have were-dragons be a thing in the distant future, but don't hold your breath. Sweating a little...

greencam123How old are the characters? And is there any romantic relationships? If so who?
Sam and Simon are at least 18, Lydia is 19, Ramirez and Donovan are in their early-20's, and Gene would probably be in his late-40's or early-50's.

It's a bit early to ask if any of the characters are in any romantic relationships, but at the moment, Simon isn't interested in dating anyone.

uniqueness35Do you have plans for other comic books, in mind?
As a matter of fact, I do! It's still in early development, but I will let you in in two things: It will be an original comic with a different art style from MB, and I hope to make it once I can actually afford to do so. : )

SGgameboy - Let me ask a few question for the AMA, how many chapters will you stop in MB and when your done with the MB series, will there be MB2 or different story of it

I believe I’ve answered the first question ages ago, but I’m thinking MB will be about 20-25 chapters long. It’s not set in stone, but I think it could be doable.

As for the 2nd part of your question, I’ve actually thought about this for as long as I’ve started writing the script! I would love to make an anthology comic where you have different artists working on different stories that wouldn’t be connected to Lydia/Sam/Simon, but rather give a tad more insight on the world/lore. The sad part is that I already came up with a name for this project: “Full Circle”.

A direct sequel to MB wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, but I don’t wanna think that far ahead in the future just yet. ;)

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  • Playing: N. Sane Trilogy, and later on, Splatoon 2


Kameren Jones
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I write stuff, and I write stuff well. My priorities are for a comic, and I intend to get somewhere with it... even if it just takes me ten miles and thirty-seven feet... maybe two inches.



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