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Hello everyone! This is Neko, and Metrocon2012 is done with, can't wait for next year! Even gained a couple new members, might of lost some too in the process, but everything happens, its life. With everything thats going on, it is finally time to go to Nekocon 15, and one day, I will be moving to Florida one day. I as well, am getting ready to make new costumes, Larxene, Fixing up Sora, Luka, Princess Sakura (elf version) and others. Hopefully they go well. And I am in the process of designing two outfits for Elena and Vincent, Rave outfits. So hopefully that goes amazingly xD.
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Midnight Capacity Cosplay
United States
Hey everyone! Neko-chan here! Midnight Capacity is a cosplay group that isn't just living in one place. It is actually new right now too. So we do not have many pictures out, soon I will be posting more information soon ^^ Till then
PS. Please comment on pictures of what you think

Midnight Capacity, or known as M.C. is a group of cosplayers, that are at times either not close enough to see eachother or close enough. It depends, it doesnt matter to me, Neko, where they are from as long as we can get together to do skits or little videos and go to cons together, even if it isn't all of us. This group is what I made so who ever... you cosplay, you can do it with others who will do it even if not everyone wants to do it. There are as well times where you can switch characters so it isn't just you doing it. As well, we can change the style of clothes that the characters wear, like to gothic of steam punk or girly. It just depends. I wanted this to be a fun group, and I know it will be.



Owner- Neko-Chan
Members- Joey; Trixy-chan; DarkAdonis; A-bunny; Shizu; Breeze; RurouniChan; Furciel; Blair; HottieBlondie; Ash

Cosplays (and future cosplays)-
Neko-chan :iconnekogirl1214: - Sakura; Amiliea (O.C.); Edward Elric; France; Sora; Luffy (one piece); Aqua; Ciel Phantomhive; Alois Trancy; Alice (heart no kuni no alice); Cesia (Dragon Knights); Kagome; Tohru Honda; Luna Lovegood (Harry potter); Patty (soul Eater); Elena (FF7); Canada; Deidara; Envy; Alice (Pandora hearts); Dani (Hocus Pocus); Luka / Luki (Vocaloid); Kara Gillian (Mark of the Demon); Shuichi (Graviation)

Ash- (Hetalia)Latvia, Finland, Colony Canada, S.M Hetalia, Mafiatalia, Steamtalia, Piratalia; (Trinity Blood) Seth Nightroad, Esther Blanchett, Ion Fortuna; (Samurai Champloo) Fuu; (Code Geass) Nunnally, Rolo, Kallen, C.C; (Monster High) Frankie Stein, Draculaura; (Naruto) Sakura, Hinata, Ashora(O.C), Child Sasuke, Karin; (Blood +) Diva;
(Ouran) Honey Sempai; (Kuroshitsuji) Alois, Ciel, Mayrin, Finnian; (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy; (Panty and Stocking) Scanty, Angel Panty and Stocking; (Durarara) Celty, Masaomi; (Okane Ga Nai) Ayase Yukiya; (High School of the Dead) Saya Tagaki, Rei Miyamoto; (Inuyasha) Sango, Kagome, Kikyo; (Vocaloid) Matryoshka, Servant of Evil Len, Daughter of Evil Rin, Mikuo, Secret Police Rin/Len/Miku, Black Vow Miku, Imitation Black Len; (Grim Tales from Down Below) Mimi, MiniMandy; (Harry Potter) Harry Potter, Maurader Era Snape, Lily Evans; (Homestuck) Nepeta; (Sailormoon) Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune; (Historically Accurate Disney Princesses) Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Snow White; (Tim Burton) Sally, Corpse Bride, Victoria, Misses Lovett; (Full Metal Alchemist) Rose, Izumie Curtis, Wrath, Envy; (Vampire Knight) Rima Touya, Yuki Cross; ZombieLoan; (Tokyo Mew Mew) Mew Pudding, Mew Ichigo; (NANA) Hachiko, Nana; (Romeo x Juliette) Juliette, Owen; Thumbalina; Odette; (Wicked) Elphaba; Chibi Vampire; Elda; Karin; Anju; Code Lyoko; Aelita; Yumi; (Van Helsing)Princess Anna

Joey :iconblondewolf2: -

Trixy-chan- Rin ( vocaloid); fem amercia (60’s); Lust;

darkadonis- Lin (vocaloid); alan walker (d grey man); Tobi; Vincent Valentine; America; Hughes

A-Bunny- Canada; Latvia; ciel; len; Moscow; female Russia; romano; zexion; Mikuo

Furciel- Ulquiorra, Russia, Prussia, Germany *night wear*; any Akatsuki member; organization member; Sebastian;

Shizu :iconxshizuchanx: - Sebastian (Kuro); Claude (Kuro); Riku (KH2): Sasuke (Naruto); Binx (Hocus Pocus);Blood Dupre(mostly) Peter White or Boris Airay (Heart no Kuni no Alice); Gakupo (Vocaloid); Shizuo Heiwajima (DRRR!! ), Austria (Hetalia), Norway (Hetalia), Sasori (Naruto), Yuu Kanda (D. Gray-Man), Light Yagami (Death Note), Mello (Death Note)

Breeze :iconvampirebree: - Sakura Shippuden (Naruto); Deidara (Naruto); Maria Kurenai (Vampire Knight);Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji); Iceland (Hetalia); Kenny McCormick (South Park); Videl Satan (Dragon Ball Z); Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!); The Witch (Left4Dead); Zoey (Left4Dead)

RurouniChan :iconrurounichan: - Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki); Kamijo Hiroki (Junjou Romantica); North Italy (Hetalia) ; Nice Holystone (Baccano!); I-Pin-Katekyo (Hitman Reborn); Saya Otonashi (Blood Plus); Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji); Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club); Hisoka Kurosaki (Yami no Matsui); Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight/Guilty); Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club); L/Ryuzaki-Death Note; Izaya Orihara (Durarara)

Hottieblondie :iconinvaderblonde: - [x] deidara - naruto shippuden;[x] misty – pokemon;[x] konan - naruto shippuden;[x] rikku - final fantasy x-2;[x] misa – deathnote;[ ] c loud strife - final fantasy 7;[ ] miku hatsune – vocaloid;[ ] undertaker - black butler;[ ] ciel phantomhive - black butler;[ ] grell sutcliff - black butler;[ ] kairi - kingdom hearts 2;[x] roxas - org 13 kh2;[x] mello – deathnote;[ ] elesa - pokemon b&w;[x] bardroy - black butler;[x] finn - adventure time;[x] tobi - naruto shippuden;[ ] faye - cowboy bebop;[x] pain - naruto shippuden;[x] itachi - naruto shippuden;[ ] sasori - naruto shippuden;[x] orochimaru - naruto shippuden;[x] kisame - naruto shippuden

Blair :iconblairxblitz: -Iruka-Naruto; Shikamaru-Naruto; Kakashi-Naruto; Sasori-Naruto; Deidara-Naruto; Itachi-Naruto; Pein/Pain-Naruto; Madara-Naruto; Tobi-Naruto; Yamato-Naruto; Nurse-Silent Hill; Luka-Vocaloids; Sebastain-Black Butler; Bardroy-Black Butler; Sally-Nightmare Before Christmas; Kaworu-Evangelion; Matt-Death Note; Mello-Death Note; Light-Death Note; L-Death Note; Xigbar-Kingdon Hearts; Olette-KingDom Hearts; Winry-Full Metal Alchemist

Current Residence: United States, various places


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