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Original Drawing: Dash - I Draw Too Many Parasprites Sketch

By :iconan-obvious-decoy:

For some reason I can't go to Decoy's dA, it says that the account is inactive... how weird... =/
I hope it's nothing too bad, his art works were really good :iconpinkiepiecheckplz:

Haha and yes, I'm planning to color more drawings from him in the future :iconcutepinkieplz:
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Pony Rainbow Dash What Gives? Emoticon. : Hey Fluttershy, could you get these guys to stop? Rarity made me this.
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Nice work on this. Not sure if you've gotten this info yet But Decoy started a new account. Here's a link So you can credit him there.
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Haha thanks! Yeah I already have his new account, it's just tht I forgot to update the description hehe xP
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Aww How cute! <3
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You're welcome! :D
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Nice one!

And yeah, sadly An-Obvious-Decoy deactivated his account. :(
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Thanks! And yeah, that was some sad news =/
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Great, now she'll have to buy a new uniform!  You know those come out of her pay right?  And how the blazes did those specific parasprites make it back to Ponyville?!  Nevermind that, how are they still alive?  There's not allot of non-edible stuff in the forest, so they should have starved to death!  Unless they...oh my gawd...they ate the castle!
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Hmmm so that's why the castle was in ruins :P
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Maybe that account was just a decoy? I mean, it's pretty obvious.
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Hahaha daamn bro your comment made my day xD
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Thank you sir, I will enjoy it.
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Too bad Decoy deactivated his account :I
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I know right, I wonder why he did it....
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I viewed his journal on the matter a while ago, here it is:…
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In a few words... it was because of the haters, that is just sad bro =/
Thanks for the info!
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Haters? Really? I must have missed that.

Bastards, go hate on the people who lack talent with millions of watchers.
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Nice work. Submit it to EQD.
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