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Luna in spaaaace!

It's been a looong time since the last thing I uploaded hehe sorry...
So here's another vector I made, I hope you like it, I'm also kinda planning to animate it, but that'll be later :iconpinkieclockplz:

Original Sketch

Made by :iconredapropos:
Background by :iconsigmavirus1:
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"Up here, in the heavens, the world seemed so peaceful. There is no conflict, no hatred, no division, no animosity that could be seen, only green hills, blue oceans and shining cities covering the globe like a seamless mosaic. How much more beautiful would this world be, if peoples of the world could unite in harmony and friendship like Equestria, and so all could enjoy the wonders both the earth and the heavens could offer? Perhaps one day, when they could transcend the shackles of gravity and atmosphere, they can join me up here, to see the world as I do and better appreciate this pale blue marble we call home."

--- Princess Luna, on her occasional sojourns in the night sky.
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"Aww... Finally some peace and serenity..."

Lovely work
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Suck it Gravity I'm Princess Luna, bitch!
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Luna is quite adorable when gravitationally bound to the southern pole of a celestial object!
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Hahaha yes she is x3
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Your welcome!!
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