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My Bio
I was born in Johnson City, New York. June-15-1984 I then lived in Ypsilanti Michigan. Back to Endicott, and Binghamton New York state. My family settled after traveling to Fairfield, Pennsylvania. I also visited Taiwan the Republic Of China, United Kingdom of Great Britain, & Alberta\Calgary plus Niagara Falls of Canada. In the United States I'd been traveling Atlanta, Georgia/ Las Vegas, Nevada/ Naples, Florida/Des Moines, Iowa and The first time I lived on my own was in Portland, Oregon after the 2008 economic collapse I worked several jobs until mentally I simply went into a nervous collapse. Now I'm in Gettysburg Pennsylvania and not sure what the future holds.

Favourite Visual Artist
Clive Barker
Favourite Movies
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze or Terminator
Favourite TV Shows
Grappler Baki, The Legend of Zelda,& Thundercats
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nirvana, KISS, Fiona Apple, Guns N' Roses & Rage Against the Machine
Favourite Books
Walter Henry Nelson's Buddha His Life and His Teaching, William Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse, The Holy Bible, Past Retaliation, & Christopher Negus and Christine Bresnahan's Linux Bible
Favourite Writers
H. P. Lovecraft, Fyodor Dostoevsky, & Alexandre Dumas
Favourite Games
Deus Ex Series
Favourite Gaming Platform
The Venom Adrenaline
Tools of the Trade
Facetiousness, Sarcasm, Dark Humor, Smart-Alec and Witticism
Other Interests
Martial Arts, Hockey, & Basketball
I have updates to make on this since it's been a while, maybe I will add some polls. But since my last update I've adopted Murphy, a feline who was adopted multiple times and then dropped off at the shelter. I don't know how a person can, I've just fallen in love with the guy. I've also moved to Alma, MI. So PennsylvaniaI've lived in it for 25 or so years. It feels more like 1,000 and I've had two relationships that I would classify as "Romantic" I wanted that whole ideal life of going home with my $133,000 a year salary to a wife and two children that I could raise to not make the same mistakes that I did with my life. I see so many people that trade boyfriends and girlfriends more often then they change pants. I'm not even all that mad like I'm going to rant about women don't deserve a white knight like me or anything. I just question if I made the right decision to wait until marriage, I know I've had the opportunity to as my friends would so eloquently put it "plug in the
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Started in 2004, related to medication gradually Night Terrors and Flashbacks were initiated by 2008-2009.  The memory and sense issues got worse into 2013, the damage that compiled with other factors resulting in a nervous breakdown 2016 steadily left me unable to work and left me taking daily medication and in low income apartment for the emotionally disturbed.   High Functioning Autism: Not Properly diagnosed until 2017 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Symptoms started just before 1990 There are related things like Anxiety and Depression classified but it’s due to Aspergers; I could also go on forever a
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I need to display my thinking here.  I only am paid with Supplemental and Disability income, I don't make money at my fan fiction, and I don't make money at my volunteer work for Forever Love rescue-shelter.  I have come to a realization lately watching an advertisement that in China sweatshop workers make about $2 an hour, and immigrants of India living in North Korea make more then me.  So in other words when I was working, I was spending more and making less by driving to work and home.  I don't want to get into too much detail, that is what the Psychologist and Psychiatrist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are for Occupational things.  I d
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Thanks for the fav!:) (Smile)Huggle! 
Thank you so much for the Llama ! :)
Thanks for the watch!
Thank you so much for the watch ! :)
Just in case I'm not around tomorrow;  Have a Very Happy Birthday my Friend :D (Big Grin)   Here is hoping you will have many, many more to come in the Future.  Be well  Clap +fav   S_S  
I owe you my thanks, for the kind words.  I have been put on the waiting list of Alma Michigan.  I didn't respond sooner because I was unfortunately visiting my parents in Ohio. The way the world is headed it might be better off to wish people have less time on this planet.
Thanks for the fav!:) (Smile) Heart