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My art is me.
Oh, and by the way, I just so happen to LOVE comments :iconbegplz:

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  • Reading: Antigone
Man, okay so first, I've been having a rough trimester. School's been incredibly stressful! And I'm either incredibly stressed out but motivated or I. JUST. DON'T. CARE. -_-
Usually I have a 4.0 (or just a little below) GPA average but this year . . . . God above, it's all over the friggin' place! Urgh! :cries:

And second, I've been having these really vivd dreams lately. I dream, but only occasionally and when I do it's so . . . life-like and real and they ALWAYS have a storyline. But I think my dreams are so intense my brain can only handle one once a month -_-U. But I've been having dreams every night now.
With cool storylines and odd creatures and interesting characters. Ah! I wonder if my creative writing juice is back because all I want to do is write now!

One dream I had was about a futuristic place on a place that looked a lot like the moon. There were these 'bubbles'  on the surface of the barren planet where plant life was growing and cities could be seen and little bubble like tunnels connecting these cities. But that was only the surface. The cities all went underground and connected in a series of tunnels and caverns and the like. It was really cool--there were glowing blue and silver rocks to light the paths.
The dream finally came to 'me'--a person with almost orange colored hair with some guy which i found out was my boyfriend or husband or fiancee or SOMETHING significant to me. I have this huge secret and I can't tell him what it is (dream me knows what it is, but the me observing has no friggin' clue). A few days go by and it's obvious me and this guy (let's call him Jay, yes?) love each other. I learn that there is this underground movement called the Wake and a man is leading it simply called Wraith. The man and Jay have run into each other before and come to blows and HATE each other.
Then I am suddenly being taken away and Jay can't do anything about it and my dream-me is now offstage and I'm focusing on Jay and his dilemma of how to get me back and figuring out what's going on.
There's a time skip and the next thing I witness is Jay breaking into Wraith's headquarters, barreling past security and drawing his sword (yeah, a sword . . . . why not a gun? Or a plasma sword? Dude, it was a regular sword.  However, it was an 'Indestructable Sword' apparently . . . still . . . ) and attacked Wraith who defended himself and when Jay backs off, glaring at Wraith, he demands to know where dream-me is and that he KNOWS that Wraith knows what's going on and that he has the answers Jay wants.  

. . . . . and I woke up -_- I was soooo sad. Intense tho, right? Haha Been having dreams like this every night.
Just thought I'd share :)


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
One Word: Oddball.
I procrastinate like there's no tomorrow.
I love to write stories.
And I can (and will) be random XD

Favourite genre of music: Pop/Rock[any]/Country)
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach anime ) and Wily Coyote teehee)
Personal Quote: Some leave happiness WHEREVER they go, others leave happiness WHENEVER they go


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happy birthday
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Thanks for faving me, the Scarlet Witch.  I do apologize for turning you into a monkey.  Now you know never walk in front of a witch.  I do wish I had a counter spell but there just isn’t one.  Don’t worry. It only lasts 7 years.  Want a banana?

Another World Another Time X-MAN Scarlet Witch by DubuGomdori

DubuGomdori Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015

Hey, you actually showed up.  Good.  Have you got the money?  All right, looks like it’s all here.  Okay, let’s go and I’ll introduce  you to my sister, the Scarlet  Witch.   Hey sis!!  (frying pan barely misses your head and Quicksilver is long gone leaving you to deal with the angry violent Scarlet Witch).  What are you going to do?  Oh btw, the Quickone thanks you for your fave.

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DubuGomdori Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015

Thank you for opening an Iron Banks account.  If anything should happen to you, may whomever gods you worship forbid, the account in its’ entirety would come under our ownership.  Thank you for the fave too.  Please take this puffer fish as a token of our appreciation.  They are quite expensive and, I hear,  delicious to eat.  Please let me know how you enjoyed it.


Game of Thrones The Iron Banks Shot 4 by DubuGomdori

DubuGomdori Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015

My good compatriot.  I understand the throne rightfully belongs to you but it is going to take much more than my friendship to aid you in your godly right.  However, I do want to thank you for your fave.


Game of Thrones The Iron Banks Shot 5 by DubuGomdori
AucoinArt Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the favorite!
DubuGomdori Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015

Mighty glad to see  you’ve joined the black.

I’m so happy you are here, you don’t even know the half of it!


As you can see our numbers have dwindled beyond record, 
and we must go beyond the Wall again.


Not only you will be a fine Night’s Watch, 
one thing I definitely know is that  I  can outrun you!


(solemnly shakes hand 'thank you for the fave')

The Bastard! Jon Snow Game of Thrones by DubuGomdori

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Oh you came to apply  for a job eh?

Glad you faved me, because you are hired!

Let’s start with the meal.

I’m starving since my other maid ran away with that damn cat called Baron something.

Back to us, what will you cook for me?

Collab StudyRoom by DubuGomdori

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You must have a death wish brave deviant!

Before I take you!

Anything to confess?

Tell me now so it’ll save me the trouble of wringing it out of you.

Trust me it’ll make the passing easier.

If it’s good, I might even come back another time. Kekeke
Thank you for faving Death.

The Arcana Chronicles:  Death by DubuGomdori

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Yawn. Aaaaah that was a good nap. 
Oh my gad!! How long have you been standing there staring at me? 
And why don’t you have any clothes on? 
Oh is that ice cream for me? 
Thank you and for the fave as well. 
Errrmmm do you mind putting some clothes on?

The Arcana Chronicles: Poison Princess by DubuGomdori

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