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And I am, of course, happy beyond reason. This is the character Korra. Everyone's only seen her back, so we're all guessing what she'll look like when we can finally see her face. I thought I'd add my own contribution. It has a lazy background. >> Oh well.

For those of you who have failed to come across the various news articles that have been making Avatar fans everywhere squee like fangirls, the new series is called Legend of Korra and focuses on the new avatar, 70 years after the events of the Last Airbender series. The only two characters who have been mentioned are Korra and Tenzin (Aang/Katara's son.) There have been mentions of steampunk cities, anti-bending revolutions and crime fighting.

Korra, as well as everything else related to Avatar, is the glorious creation of Mike Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko. (Well, okay the film wasn't theirs, but we're going to not mention that movie right now. Because this is a happy time.)
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is there any site for avtar series for sendig criticism etc..?
and where can id download the korra series?
and is there (legand of korra) any one like toph?
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midnight-risuHobbyist Digital Artist
First. There's not a site that I know of for crits. I'm not entirely sure what you'd want to criticize as...
Second, it's not out yet.
And third, no one knows, it's not out yet.
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i wish some one like toph ( blind and power full and cute ) play a roll on it
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I can't wait for the new series.
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oh i hate that movie cuz its baddddd, it really disapointed me, if i was the director the movie would come out much better with better actors and more realistic bending effects (trust me folks) i mean hellowww the 2 white actors who're playing katara and sokka supose to be tan not white okayy!) in my movie i would pick 2 actors who are tan to look like katara and sokka ..at least i would give these actors some blue eye lenses to look like them...hahaha and aang's tattoo would be more clear (cuz u nearly see it) and his eyes would glow more when hes in the avatar state... im just saying who ever the director is he should have watch'd avatar.. please anyone come up with a better avatar movie

by the way your artwork is pretty nice good work :)
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i love it!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!
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This would kick ass if it was an animation! :dummy:
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midnight-risuHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, if I only had the means. ><
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oh wow! The waterbending looks very nice. :XD:
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DeemsProfessional Digital Artist
BOOM. 33rd favorite. Your style goes so well with this. Also, you have a sneaky background. I like it. :P
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midnight-risuHobbyist Digital Artist
It is a lazy background is what it is :P But thank you. And I agree, Avatar style and mine are quite similar.
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cool, i love it already!!! i cant wait till the new series comes out
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Funni-frogiHobbyist Photographer
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I already love it. :D And I can't wait to see Aangs and Kataras son.
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midnight-risuHobbyist Digital Artist
Iknoright?! X3 It's going to be so weird. To think 70 years has passed... even Tenzin would probably be like 50 or 60 @_@;
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Yes! And I wonder if Katara, Toph, Zuko and Sokka are still alive. That would be soo cool! I wanna see what happend to them... Noooow !! :D
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