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Midnight Wings by yayacosplay Midnight Wings :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 2,223 162 Link/Zelda Redesign by ilaBarattolo Link/Zelda Redesign :iconilabarattolo:ilaBarattolo 9,610 212 Anemone + speedpaint by MilanaMill Anemone + speedpaint :iconmilanamill:MilanaMill 127 4 Rythm by Rituhell Rythm :iconrituhell:Rituhell 284 24 -Mini Commission CLOSED- by Arakunae -Mini Commission CLOSED- :iconarakunae:Arakunae 217 5 Need you now | SA by lemonyh Need you now | SA :iconlemonyh:lemonyh 84 10 Comm - Yndry The Prankster by sinlaire Comm - Yndry The Prankster :iconsinlaire:sinlaire 467 7 Kill In Heaven by EmoPandaWaffles Kill In Heaven :iconemopandawaffles:EmoPandaWaffles 259 43 Alexander by Xiling Alexander :iconxiling:Xiling 277 8
Prince!Steven x Reader x Pauper!Ruby P1
**Mmkay guys! This is my first Pokemon fic so... Yeah... Also, SPREAD THE WORD! STEVEN NEEDS MORE RECOGNITION!!!**

    "Whoops! Sorry!" You say as you dash through the busy streets of the market, you bumped into a few people. In your hands was a basket full of bread that was meant for the prince. You worked for the castle, and you have just realized how late you were. suddenly, you tripped on something causing the bread to fly out of the basket, luckily, someone caught it and helped you up.
    "Are you okay?" The voice asks. You look up to see a man with ruby eyes. You nod as you take his hand. "Here, this is yours," He says as he hands you the bread.
    "Thank you! Oh, where are my manners... My name is (Full Name)," You say to him. He smiles and responds.
    "Ruby, you can call me that."
    "Well then, thank you, Ruby."
    "Sure, you just do what you have to do!" He says as he walks off, waving to you. Yo
:iconkaykay12160:kaykay12160 57 34
Daredevil Elektra Commission by NeerajMenon Daredevil Elektra Commission :iconneerajmenon:NeerajMenon 283 18 Classic v. DCNU: Batman by guinnessyde Classic v. DCNU: Batman :iconguinnessyde:guinnessyde 288 68
One little kiss: Steven Stone X Reader
          Steven is the Champion of the Hoenn Region, son of the head of Devon Corporations, and profound stone collector. That much is said and, to be honest, the male couldn't ask for more.
          After all, he has you.
          You were just a blooming Trainer that wanted to be the strongest. You first met him in Granite Cave when his father asked you to deliver a letter to him. Nothing sparked between the two of you just yet, but through the ride, he knew he just had to confess. Whenever he went back to his house at Mossdeep, which was a rare occurrence, you greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and a hug. He liked the affection but he did thought about one thing.
          You two never really shared a real kiss. Like lips-to-lips. It's just you were particularly shy about things like these. Steven begun doubt if you ever wanted to be with him. He decided to a
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 249 27
Steven x Reader: Happiness
Author's Note: If anyone would like a different pokemon guy/girl request, feel free to ask for one! My requests are empty and I need something to do!!!!~
You were sound asleep in the comfort of your bed when you heard rustling in the house. You yawned and rubbed your eyes as you peered into the darkness of the bedroom. Your Eevee was sleeping at the foot of the bed between your legs and Steven’s. You stood as your Eevee followed after you curiously as you walked quietly out of the bedroom.
In the living room, the pokemon slept peacefully, Steven’s Claydol and Cradily were the only two of Steven’s pokemon that could fit inside the house. Steven’s passion for steel types extended to the larger pokemon as well. Most of your pokemon were allowed inside the house, Blaziken, Eevee and Mawhile. Meanwhile, your Gyrados and Flygon had to stay outside with the rest of Steven’s pokemon.
You stealthily crept outside into the cold night and shivered as your bare feet m
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 308 42
Timer WIP by jackConigliomannaro Timer WIP :iconjackconigliomannaro:jackConigliomannaro 6 2


Chapter 1: Meet the team!

“Onēsan! Onēsan!” Yelled a little girl with red hair and yellow eyes as she ran up to a purple cat sleeping on a wall in the sun. “Onēsan you need to wake up.” The cat opens her blue eyes. “Ella it’s too early.”  The cat snuggles up back to sleep. “It’s 12:00 in the afternoon.” The cat yawn and stretch sitting and looking at Ella and giggled. “Well, it’s 7 o'clock somewhere.” Ella rolled her eyes. “Get up and change in your human form or we can’t have cake for dinner, also you got mail.” The cat tilts her head. “Mail for me?” Ella sighed. “It says Midnight.”  Midnight got down and turned into her human form. She had purple hair, brown skin, and blue eyes. “Welp I’m up El.” Midnight said with a grin and a wink. Ella handed the envelope to her sister. Even though they are sister they look nothing alike. Ella had white skin red hair, green eyes, and like her sister has cat ears and tail. Midnight opens the letter and reads it. As she read lower her face went pale. “Onēsan? What’s wrong.” Midnight giggled nervously. “Oh Nothing~”  “Oh really Midnight Alice StarDust.” Midnight girl jump. “Your angry aren't ya. That is the only time you would say my full name.”  “No, I’m not angry.” She said with a creepy smile. “EKKK, Ella NOOOO”

     “Ah, come on G were going to be late.” A boy with black hair and bright red eyes said with a cigaret in his mouth and reading a paper. “Coming Revon.” G said to the Raven haired boy as he walked in the kitchen were Revon sat.  G or known as Gman was tallish not as tall as his roommate/friend. He had brownish skin darkish brown hair afro. No one knows G’s real eye color because he always wears dark shades. Not even his girlfriend. “So Rev we picking up Kayla?” Revon rolled his eyes and hit G’s head playfully. “Yes, but never call me Rev.” G rubbed his head. “Ouch, that hurt, and I forgot only the cat sisters can call you that.” He teased with his tongue out. “I hate you.” Revon muttered with a blush on his face. “Aww, I know you love me.” G giggled at  Revon from behind him. “Shut up!”

    Midnight was cooking some fried fish whilst Ella was making a salad, Midnight made her, it looked good but she hated it.  “El how is the salad coming?” “It’s coming well...ish.” Midnight sighed she popped her head in the living room. Midnight’s hair was in a ponytail with her glasses on. “Ella..Really” Ella shrugged “I don’t know what you mean.” “Really you know damn well what I mean Ella.” Midnight got her angry look on her face. “If you want to grow up to be a  strong cat then you need to eat your veggies.”  Midnight told Ella as she made a cookie dough. “Onēsan, you know I hate veggies I want  meat.” She grumbled as she when to chop up the bell peppers for the salad. “I head That!” Midnight hiss at her. “I know.” Ella snickered at her big sister. Midnight was often very silly and made Ella laugh a lot but can be very sourus. “Anyway, Revon, Gman, and Kayla will be here soon, so I need you to get ready after your done.” Ella nodded and got done, cleaning up the room and putting on her cutest choker to go with her dress. After Midnight had set up the table for diner, she did the same. Then the two sisters chilled out for a bit before the door rang. “I got it.” Midnight opened the door to see Kayla, Revon, and Gman had arrived. “Aye, What up.” She winks at them. “Hey, cutie.” Revon winked back. “Oh someone is flirty.” Midnight purred. “Eww, get a room Midnight!” Kayla said in disgust. “Naw Kay,” G giggled his ass off at them. “Hey Onēsan what’s going on?” Ella came to see the mess. “Midnight is flirting with Revon again.” Kayla tease. “Well, what’s wrong with it. When guys do it that’s fine. When girls do it's apparently a problem!” Midnight said waving her arms in the air for emphasis. “Onēsan you ALWAYS flirt with guys.” “Well, at least I am not a hoe.” “Excuse me but what Onēsan? don’t say that.” Ella and Midnight glared. “I don’t know how to respond.” G looked at Kayla. “Me neither.” G gave a thumbs up with a white smile. “Not reassuring!” Kayla and Revon yelled at him. “Guys let’s eat,” Revon said, looking at the food. “I get Ella and you get Mid.” G said to Revon. Revon picked up Midnight while G picked up. “Hey! Put me down.” Ella said banging angrily on G’s back. “Sure, Sure…. at some point.” He snickered at her. “Like what you see Midnight?” Revon smirked. “Naw.” Midnight grumbles with a slit blush. “Aww, You like that first class looks?” Midnight gave him the finger. “Oh I know you want to,” Revon smirked. Ella laughed at them and so did Kayla. “Aww get a room.” G teases. “I wish Revie would show me this much attention like Onēsan~” Ella purred with a dreamy look in her eyes. Revon looked at Ella and gave her a wink.

    The five of them sat around Midnight’s and Ella’s dining room table. There was a lot of different foods like mashed potatoes, Midnight’s famous 5 spice herb fried fish, a green salad, baked chicken, sweet carrots with a glaze, and Sweet Corn. “Yummy I love Midnight’s Fish” Chirped Ella as she dug her fork into the soft juicy tender breaded fish. “Same Midnight sure puts her foot in it!” G laugh as he winked at Midnight. “Midnight when are you going to give me the recipe for your fried fish?” Midnight glared at Kayla. “When Michael Jackson goes back to black.”  Revon almost Choked on his food. “Revie are you ok?” Ella asked as she looks into his red eyes. A slit blush crept on his face. “I-I-I’m o-ok.” He stuttered to Ella trying to avoid her eyes. Midnight snickered at him, Revon glared back at her. “Aww, it was only in good fun.” She teased. “Fuck off.” Midnight’s smirk got bigger and rest her head on her hand. “Naw, I’m good” Revon just grumble and act his fish while Kayla and Midnight just teased him as they ate. “Hey Midnight?”  Midnight looked down at Ella. “Ya, what wrong little sis?”  “What’s this?” Ella pulled out the letter that Midnight thought that she threw away. “ELLA!!!! HOW DID YOU FIND THAT!!!” Ella tilted her head. “What do you mean.” Midnight went pale. “Y-You know what I mean.” An evil smirk came on Ella’s face. Her yellow eyes had a playful sparkle in them. “Oh but Onēsan I don’t know what you mean~” Ella played with the letter in the air. “Hey, Ella what is that?” Kayla asked. “Oh I don’t know but Onēsan would know, right?” She gave an evil chuckle. “I’ve raised you too well didn’t I!” Midnight sniffed then sighed. “Ok, then I will tell you.” Midnight’s face got dead serious and she got up. “It is well……”

    To be continued…..

It's A Cat's World
It's a story and it's good =w= your welcome 
Sleeping pig
My 4H club did a petting zoo and one of our sheep fell asleep

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Chapter 1 The flood & the hole

   One day there was a boy name Alex who is 15 years old. He was reading some  shoujo manga when a  white rabbit name talon pass him and

pulled out a golden watch out of his bright red and pink vest. “Oh no I am going to be late!” Alex rubbed his eyes and got up. He was wearing a

light pink dress with matching bows in his hair. His hair was in pig tails with black ribbon and black heels with ribbon wrap around. Alex looks at

the rabbit and the rabbit has a shoujo manga and hops down the hole. Alex chases after talon the rabbit in the hole. At the bottom of the hole

he sees a little door. In the little door there was a garden and in it was a computer withleague of legends on it. He need it a key and to get

smaller in height . Next to him was a table on the table was some shrimp. He ate the shrimp. “Oh my I feel weird.”  with that Alex go smaller in

height. “Yes Now I can go to the door and play some league of legends.” Alex squells. Then He realizes that he forgot the key. “Sh*** , now

what I do.” Alex pouted. Then Alex see a bottle of ‘water’. Alex sniffed it and it smelled nice so he drink it. “Ah that tasted nice.” After that Alex

grew so big that he hit his head on the ceiling. “Ouch, what is that smell.” The smell of fresh chopped onion filled the air and Alex started crying.

The tear felled up the room and Alex eat some of the shrimp and became tiny Alex againand fell in a little nut shell and use it as a boat as he

drift off in the sea of tears.
Alex in wonderland Chapter 1
This is a fanfic about me what happens if the roles of Alice and wonderland was played by me and my friends.
SO I'm exited!!!! I'm getting a new hammy this week I'm hopping the one I saw,but as long it a rescue I don't mind! so In all I'll have 8 animals soon exited!! Hey Tell me if you have any pets in the comments 
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YO I'm Midnight I like tp write and take pictures of animals. I do have a youtube as well so that will come in the future


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