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Suu: Hey everyone! ^^ Today Mike will be doing a make-up tutorial, so you can look like me! X3 Take it away!


Hello everyone! I'm not going to pretend I don't know anything about makeup, but after learning a bit from other make-up tutorials (no-one has done Suu), I'm pretty sure it will apply to this make-up. If you guys want to look like Suu, read on.


So the first thing you want to start with is to slick back your hair, and tuck it in. The reason why is because we're doing a bald-cap stage, but don't worry we'll cover that with a green wig that you can modify later. Onto the bald-cap, it can be a regular bald cap that you can easily cover your hair in, or you can customize your own bald cap and apply it with make-up. Tutorial is here on Pinkstylist's channel 

Now that's out of the way, time for the make-up!


Start with a base coat of light blue face-paint, and if your using a raincoat, be sure to make the blue make-up reach to your your neck and/or chest. Also put the make-up on her ears too.  To color your hands, it's best to have someone else do it for you. Also mix in a TINY bit of water into the make-up to make sure the whole face gets the same shade of blue. Be sure to color your eye-brows with green make-up that you can apply with a paint-brush. In order to give her eyes some depth, use a darker shade of blue eye-shadow. Also use black eyeliner for her eyes.

For her lips, use a slightly darker shade of blue (slightly darker than the face make-up) lipstick, and put the lipstick on your lips. For a slight blush, just use a light pinkish blue blush over her cheeks.

(OPTIONAL) You can also buy blue body paint that matches the color of your make-up, and have someone help you paint it on. Of course, you will need a light blue bikini bottom to blend in with the makeup. You could use the same color bra to cover yourself, but to make it more accurate, get latex covers for know what...XD just be sure to add some spirit gum and liquid latex to make it seamless and stick. Be sure to have your friend paint you down with the body paint. But again, this is totally optional, so you can just go with a closed raincoat Suu.

You're basically done with the hard part. Now it's time for the accessories! :D


"If you have natural green eyes, ignore) To get the "anime eyes" look she also has, you can buy and use green anime contact lenses from… . For the hair you need a green wig from Amazon that can cover over your bald cap.… Be sure to style it yourself so it looks like Suu's hair.

To make the yellow pieces on the tips of her hair, you need to follow these directions to dye a synthetic wig. Now, you must do this in a well-ventilated area, place some newspaper on a table, and place your wig stand on the paper, which should be at a stable and flat place. Place the wig on the stand.

This next step is involving marker ink, so be safe. Put on gloves and ventilation mask. With some thing pliers, squeeze out about 5 ml of yellow marker ink into a dish. Lightly dip one flat EDGE of a sponge into the ink, making sure that it has soaked up a nice amount. The entire edge should have absorbed the ink BUT it should NOT drip.

Head to your wig, which is fixed into the Suu hairstyle, and use the sponge, while holding the hair strands, to slide the edge onto the hair. Slowly slide both the sponge and your fingers holding the strands towards yourself. Be sure to let it dry. Do not color the bang in front of your face. 

Now for the finishing touches!

Buy a yellow raincoat that's a bit bigger than your normal size along with a pair of rainboots to go with the coat. Also be sure to paint the legs the same color as your face make-up

There you go! You've transformed into Suu, and are now able to wow otakus and anime lovers at the convention with your daring and awesome Suu cosplay.

I hope you guys like my tutorial, and be sure to credit me when you actually use this tutorial for your cosplay of Suu. Until next time, BYE!!!!!

Suu By Dorcarthewarrior-d966z77 (1) by Midnight-Mochi-1998

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Thank you so much for this! But her would be kinda tricky to do...