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Shutdown Restart Gadget

I've created a simple "Shutdown and Restart" Gadget (My first!) for Vista sidebar.

Yes, I know there are lot's about already but I wanted one that suits the Aero theme a bit more, including a semi transparent background which makes it look similar to the task bar.

I have submitted it to the Windows live gallery, it's pending approval but I couldn't wait to share it!

I hope you like it.
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great app I think
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I love this gadget. It's by far the best looking, and possibly the most functional of all the shutdown gadgets.

I've used it in Vista for a long time, and have now installed it my new Win7 system.

However, this seems to be bugged in Windows 7, for me. The border around the buttons (which is semi-transparent i vista) is entirely transparent, and looks unnatural.

Is this only on my computer?
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Very useful! Nice work! :+fav:
I've been looking for something sleek with JUST the shut down and restart options. Thanks!
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Incredibly Sexy. Thanks!
Looks great, I love the simplicity. Using it now. :D

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don't work for me
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nice job, i like it.
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Yeah, lock button or a confirmation box I just knocked reset when dragging it down on my sidebar :O
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i seee.. pity... `cuz that is exactly what i am using... but thx for an info... ;-))
this and any 'shutdown' gadgets do not work when used with the XP version of the sidebar.
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hmm gadget is well done but for some reasons it does not work for me... when i click it, the CMD window shows for a short time and then nothing happens...hmm
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would be pefect if it had a lock button too..
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vry nice but there is a blue outline around the gadget. can this be removed?

very useful
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Great app dude! Love it!
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