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A visual style for XP.

Created by Midnight Mick

WWW - [link]
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BluMod is a modification of the theme:
“Luna Element”, created by tornado5/em3. - [link]

Thank you tornado5/em3 for allowing me to release this mod.

© 2008 - 2021 Midnight-Mick
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Very nice luna mod thank you
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I solely joined to say "thanks!" for this great style and would like to ask one question:

Is it only me having some ugly checkboxes in the folder options dialog of Windows Explorer? They seem to have a thick black border around. I have not noticed this elsewhere. I took a look at the style with StyleBuilder but cannot find anything wrong. If I knew how to link to screenshot here I would...
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link to wallpaper please :)
I like Luna Element Blue and BlueMod is much better. I really like the improvements!

I agree a black version would be nice and blue and black versions with a grey menus, 3d part, etc. in addition to the tan.

Thank You!
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How did you manage to have the date with the clock ?
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I use a program called Tclock" for the date/time.
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great theme!!
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hey! this looks great!
req: can u make a thin version too? and also add some more fonts to choose from (SegoeUI)? would be awesome!

thanx again for sharing this with us! :)
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very nice mod :p
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pretty cool vs
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Perfect! No problems here. Great mod. Thanks for share!
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Really nice mod! :+fav:
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Any chance of doing a black version of it?
I am also noticing that the Show Hidden Icons (<;) image in the system tray is kind of broken.
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Unsure exactly what you mean by it's broken? I've used this theme for a while now & not noticed anything wrong?
I really like this one. I have been a fan of Element for years. This is a good improvisation of element 3.2 + 5.1. Like the tabs, the buttons, the progressbar, the scrollbar, the Srart Menu. The only recommendation would be to make the taskbar a bit slimmer. Like many people, I use a 2 row taskbar and it looks a bit too fat. I think that's it - this is a keeper. Is is possible to make the taskbar a bit slimmer please and release this? Thanks for sharing this.
Very nice and clean, well done!
Very similar to Luna Element, however, this one is fantastic. I love the merged min/max button. The colors are perfect. I especially like the "skinny" startmenu. The dark file selection works great too. The only thing I'd would change is the progress bar to NOT have the little buffer around it, but fill the bar area; still very nice as is. Perhaps more font options? I'm a sucker for Segoe UI. Bold the clock font please :)
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I second the request for more font options... Segoe UI and/or Lucida Grande PLEASE!
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