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Milo Gay Pride

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EDIT: Title returned to normal! ^^

I’ll change the title back later but
There’s a user going around adding LGBT art into a hate folder, and this one’s former submission got added
I don’t need that kind of hate shit on my art nor in my life
So yeah
I blocked him, and deleted my art just to make sure it got removed from that folder bc idk how anything works in regards to removing things from folders
Not tagging it this time because I’m scared of it being found and hated on again. It’s a wonder I’m not hiding it in scraps out of how scared I am of it being hated on

If you faved this before, you’re gonna have to fave it again since it’s a different submission. I’m sorry
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im late but wtf what a absolute piece of scum i love you sm mid please take care
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oh god I get so many favorite notifications that I dont even go through any of them whta if that aheooend nhbfgvhjnk-
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mine got added there too, it made me really upet
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WOW, that sucks. 

I know having to deal with stuff like this is hard, but remember the truth, okay?

What he did was wrong. He doesn't understand what he is talking about, and he should think of other's feelings before doing things like that.
This is a great picture, and if some idiot homophobes on the internet can't understand that then they should keep their crap to themselves.

You didn't do anything wrong, Mid. Just know we're here for you, and you have nothing to feel sorry for.
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Hey, sorry for responding so late, but I’m just letting you know how much I appreciate what you said <3

It’s all over now, I’ve moved on and (hopefully) that idiot has been banned by now.
Now I can enjoy my adorable little homo boy in peace :D
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hey milo's the prettiest son and dont let anything stop that
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what the fuck why am i starttingd to getf all shasky and cry why am i ssoj stipid 
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You did nothing wrong
He is probably 10 and has no idea what he is doing 
You are entitled to post whatever you want on DA (As long as its appropriate)
This is a wonderful piece !
The shading and colors work well and the line art is perfect 
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sorry for responding all late (social anxiety) but I just wanted to thank you for the support, it means a lot to me and really helped me feel better back when this happened <33
I’m glad you like my art!! ;w;
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Np Friendo ! *Hugs*
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