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I've gotten hate on Midnight because she's goth, an alicorn, and has bladed wings/horn. They call her a "Mary Sue" because she's an alicorn and has bladed wings and since she's goth she was hated on more. So much hate has been given to OC Alicorns because ONLY Princess Celestia and Luna can be the ONLY ONES or something like that, or royalty.

Cherry Bloom gets hated on too, because she's an Alicorn, so they go and put so much anger/hate on her only because of that and quickly call her a "Mary Sue".

How much we need to repeat ourselves over and over and over and OVER again about them and they still go on and talk shit and still call us Mary sues because we're alicorns.

How much we are both helpless and not strong enough to defend ourselves. Midnight only does the weather, she uses her horn for the storm. Cherry Bloom is very helpless and is only 8 years old.

Yet they don't get it and continue to rant "MARY SUES, MARY SUES!!!"

We can't get it in their thick skulls...

Cherry Bloom (c) :iconcreshosk: (Happy late birthday but this isn't your gift)
Midnight Estelle (c) Me
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