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Yes, I'm resubmitting this because a stupid brony started commenting on this drawing non-stop and calling it "unoriginal" because her eyes/pupil changes. I haven't deleted the other one, it is still up but. I need new comments instead of hidden comments. Sorry about this.

Finally did a very good reference of Midnight.


Name: Midnight Estelle.

Nicknames: Middy, Grumpy, bitch, weirdo, goth, cunt.

Gender: Female.

Species: Alicorn.

Eyes: Red eyes, when she's angry it turns blood red. There's a dark color "eyeshadow" around her eyes; however this is her markings. NOT make up.

Coat: Dark purple-ish grey; her socking and ears are very dark purple-ish grey.

Cutie Mark: Thunderstorm Hurricane; She makes a stormy night and a horrible weather.

Mane: Black (even though it doesn't look like it lol)

Special Talent: Making a storm, thunderstorm and a hurricane (not to destroy Ponyville, just create a hard blowing wind)

Personality: Shy, Simple, angry, grumpy, frustrated, little bit of a bitch, naive

- Bladed Horn/Wings; She had an accident when she was a filly. [link]
- When her jewels on her necklace shatter/crack that means she's just pissed the fuck off or you just annoyed her and pissed her off.
- She gets very annoyed easily, she doesn't really seem happy all the time, usually shit happens to her. She doesn't trust anyone at all but at times she becomes way too naive.
- She was born most likely on cold and rainy days since she was a filly. Her skin now cannot handle the sun or it will burn her skin off. Sensitive skin... (a.k.a Xeroderma pigmentosum)
-She stays home.
- She's a night pony and goth.
-She feels safer in her house then outside, so sometimes she hardly ever comes out, unless Cloudsdale Weather needs her.
-She has friends but hardly talks to them.
-She has a twin sister. [link]

Midnight Estelle belongs to me and me ONLY
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