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Scribble Kibble (Fan-art/Poem thing)

:iconcrowneprince: You are honestly one of my favorite you-tubers so have a small written thing along with this fan-art

Life can be tough and sometimes you must give up apart of it
Through the ashes another will arise
When all turns to darkness you can create light
A rainbow of colours that spread to others and connect us all
The teachings of a teacher
The critics of another more skilled than you
Giving another advice
Friends and family
All can create light in this dark world of ours
Others may say the world is pure evil
Some may say it is good
Yet they do not see the soldiers of darkness surrounding them
They cannot see the light for they are blocking it
What the darkness is afraid of is the light of a hero
Someone who is there to help, to bring joy
These people do not see who they are
They do not see they are a spark for others
They do not see their light surrounding them
What they do for others seems as if it is nothing to them
For they are angels and they do as they see right
You may not see all that you do
You may believe it is nothing  
Yet you have taught, helped, and even saved others
You upload your work and you see something you are proud of
Something you worked hard on
You don't see they people who watch smile
You don't see that spark you have created 
You don't see the light you have fed
You must know that you are an angel, for you spread your light and help others to find theirs 

(oh man this is long, Man I hope you like it! You are such a great artist and animator I look up to you so much!!)
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