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Now Pinkie the laws of physics are not an optional extra.

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Derpy should be coming out the other side XD
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This really reminds me of Spongebob doing this, but differently.
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May I make this into a base on my base account ~Bases4Ponies?
I'll give you full credit for the vector~
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Mailman: *whistles and opens the mailbox*

Pinkie Pie: Hi , Mailman!

Mailman: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Run away! *runs away* Run Away!
Pinkie Pie: OK, see you tomorrow!
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:iconhappyderpyplz:: Hi Pinkie! You got mail from back home.
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:dev nor :icon will work so a made a link to your page and this vector here: [link]
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Looks great! Thanks for sharing! :)
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Wow, this mailbox is a LOT bigger on the inside than it looks!
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pinkie pie's version of doctor whoove's tardis.
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And now I'm picturing Pinkie doing the "I hate pears" rant.
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Mailpony: AAAAAAAAAA *drops mail*
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Yes, you're awesome! That's exactly what I thought when I saw her in the mailbox like that!
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I'll be scare to death if I check inside the mailbox to have this crazy pony pop up. LOL Good work.
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Of course! The secret to the fourth wall in within the postal system! I'm coming Fluttershy!
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:icondarkrageplz: OMG Pinkie, you are scare me
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