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Hello, I haven't been a good group dad, and I apologise. But! Now the group is in order, and I hope to keep curating art of Midna for everyone. Here's a refresher on the group policies

1. All art submitted must be related to Midna somehow. Any type is good, whether it be drawings, sculpture, 3d modeling, stamps, comics, cosplay, or even minecraft creations! It just has to be Midna, initially there were folders for characters other than her, but it is better to have it just be about her. Shipping or group pictures are totally allowed.

2.The only exception to the rule of "has to include Midna" is Twili OCs, please feel free to submit your shadow people

3. Please, please no excessively gory, explicit, or fetish art. If you enjoy that on your own, go ahead! I just would like this group to be a safe place for all Midna fans, not everyone wants to see vore or whatever. SFW furries are fine, because its just anthro animals!

4. All works must be original. If it just looked like you copied someone else's art, are just posting official, unedited art of Midna, or just took screenshots of the game that are generic and non artistic, they will not be accepted.

5. If you break these rules, the art you submitted will be removed from the group. If you do this 3 times, you will get a warning. Any more than that, you will be kicked from the group.

6. Please be kind and civil to other members of the group. We are just here to Chill

7. Most importantly, HAVE FUN AND LOVE MIDNA!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy submitting your art! Have a nice day/night/afternoon/morning
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Submitted on
November 27, 2018


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