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Oliver the Western Engine

One final art piece for the RailwaySeriesCollab, I also did Oliver the Western Engine book, which was rlly fun to do! I did a scene similar to the ending of Toad Stands By and I’m rlly proud with the result!

Oliver is my second favourite character, between Arthur and James and I’m surprised I haven’t drawn much of him recently. I will try my best in the future guys I promise!

Thomas and Friends, Duck, Oliver, Donald (C) Awdry Family, Mattel
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Oliver seriously needs more attention.

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I noticed you gave Duck and Oliver both their RWS and TVs numbers

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Yeah, this was always a headcanon of mine and I wanted to try it out. Hoped it work!

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I love this piece of the artwork very much! I also find it clever that you made Duck and Oliver have both their RWS and TVS numbers! Keep up the awesome work.
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What can I say? I think the numbering I did was cool, showing they are proud of both their GWR heritage and their NWR ownership!

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He looks great man! Oliver's one of my favorites to, and to be honest, I like him way more than Duck.

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Both Duck and Oliver are a very interesting duo ngl. Duck is in the top 10 for my favs lol. Both have a lot going for them in different, unique ways and it’s rlly cool. Shame Christopher barely did anything with them when continuing the series.
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True! I mean, I do like Duck, it just Oliver's got more of an interesting backstory and charisma to him. But regardless, they are wonderful, and I really wish more was done with them instead of blatant fan service. If you don't mind me asking, who is your Top 10 favorites, I'm interested to know?

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