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Inferno and Harbor Portrait by Midgesaurus Inferno and Harbor Portrait :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 0 0 Macey Portrait by Midgesaurus Macey Portrait :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 0 0 Rhianon - So What? by Midgesaurus
Mature content
Rhianon - So What? :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 0 0
Inferno - Trouble by Midgesaurus
Mature content
Inferno - Trouble :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 0 0
Jamie - Bloooooood by Midgesaurus
Mature content
Jamie - Bloooooood :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 0 0
Different Fleshie|Ratchet x Reader|Prime|11
Different Fleshie|Ratchet x Reader|Transformers Prime|Chapter 11|Synthetic Energon?
-Readers POV-
Today was just one of those average days in the Autobot base. I was busy doodling in my sketchbook to pass the time whilst everyone else did their own stuff. Ratchet had recently become very adamant on perfecting this new synthetic energon formula that acquired part of when Bulkhead got super smart from a capsule from Cybertron. He's been trying to bridge the gaps which were missing because we lost the formula in order to regain the old Bulkhead back, which I'm rather quite glad of. Sadly, this newfound desire of Ratchet's meant he was always busy and seemed rather distant to me. My head perked up at the sound of Ratchet's voice as he began to have a conversation with Raf. I don't know what it was but recently his voice and just him in general had become somewhat appealing to me and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Sometimes I even blushed.
"We just add some to this test engine," H
:iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 8 2
Adventure Time Girls by Midgesaurus Adventure Time Girls :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 10 3 Peanut Portrait by Midgesaurus Peanut Portrait :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 0 0 Jamie Portrait by Midgesaurus Jamie Portrait :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 3 0 Knowledge by Midgesaurus Knowledge :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 2 0
Different Fleshie|Ratchet x Reader|Prime|10
Different Fleshie|Ratchet x Reader|Transformers Prime|Chapter 10|Not So Bad, Right?
(F/B - Favourite Book)
-Reader's POV-
It'd been a few weeks since I was rescued and told I had to stay with the Autobots. I had most of my belongings here at the base stored near Ratchet's computer and I would often retrieve what was necessary whenever I needed it, like clothing, toiletries, my sketchbook, etc. Mum would sometimes bring new clothes or ones she'd washed with her when she visited and she'd often buy me food or cook something and drop it off for me. Ratchet warned her how dangerous her visits to the base were to all of us but she just couldn't stand me being by myself with the bots with no human around me to make me food or clean my stuff. She even tried to 'home school' me but that didn't last long. She just cares about me, and Jack, a lot. Some would even say a bit too much.
The relationships I have with the bots has definitely gotten better. I know more about them and they know more abo
:iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 9 2
Maki by Midgesaurus Maki :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 3 0 Emelia - Anxiety Strikes by Midgesaurus Emelia - Anxiety Strikes :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 4 0 Toxin by Midgesaurus Toxin :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 6 0 Jamie - Pffft Ahaha by Midgesaurus Jamie - Pffft Ahaha :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 3 0 Melody - Bullshit? by Midgesaurus Melody - Bullshit? :iconmidgesaurus:Midgesaurus 3 0




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Hannibal by King-Lulu-Deer American Horror Story by King-Lulu-Deer Night In The Woods by King-Lulu-Deer Gravity Falls by King-Lulu-Deer

February 9th 2018

As of this date I started dating someone who I love dearly. He makes me so happy and he cares about me so much and I'm so lucky to have found him before he could've potentially slipped through my fingers. I am grateful for him and his support and love. :heart:
This happiness I've found with him reignited my passion to draw and create art as much as I can as I lost that spark near the start of January and it only came back in February because of him. I don't deserve him, honestly I don't, but then nobody else is allowed him. :hug:

11 Months, 2 Weeks & 3 Days Strong :huggle:

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United Kingdom


Hiya! I'm Midgesaurus also known as Midge, Midgie or Midget for short, and my real name is Rhianon. I'm currently on level 17 in my life and biologically female, but I don't really care what you refer to me as. I am in my 1st year at college and I study a Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma course on Digital Media Design and I hope to then go onto university to study some course in Animation or Video Game Design. It just so happens to be true that I am British because I live in England, down in the South West area though in a smallish town in the county of Somerset. I live with my parents and younger sister along with two cats, Smokey and Storm. The person on my left is somebody who means a lot to me so don't fuck with her or I'll rip you apart and make you eat your insides! I'm a morbid and weird child who loves blood and gore and organs and death and creepy/weird things. My main fandoms have gotta be Transformers, Middle Earth, American Horror Story, Dexter, Rick & Morty, Gravity Falls, Creepypasta, Sherlock, Overwatch, Borderlands, Blood Drive, Doctor Who, Peaky Blinders and Marvel, Avengers & X-Men. Robots and dinosaurs are literally my life! I love them so much, and pirates too. And dragons. Without those things I would cry all day... Also, I'm secretly a dinosaur in disguise, shhhhhh, don't tell anyone! I freaking love puns by the way..! Lover of boxes and toasters too...

- Please don't be afraid to talk to me! I love talking to people here and making friends ^.^
- If you wanna see all my original characters and fan characters and art of them then look here >>
- All of the dividers used on my page are by my bestest and most dearest friend, OchiYuki
- Keep in mind that I post my writing here on DA as well as my drawings and that the majority of my writing is fanfiction, more specifically reader inserts, but that does not mean I'm incapable of writing original works and various other pieces such as scripts and stuff like that! (I am Fandom-Trash on both Wattpad and Quotev too)
- Current Balance: 0:points:



-Cat Skull- F2U by OchiYuki



Looking to do some art trades with people!
Comment 3 characters below and I'll choose some I wanna do
Object Heads:

I will draw you a full body, half body or headshot/bustshot
These will either be digitised if I have time or they'll be inked and scanned to send to you :)

- Now send me them children! (Humans/Humanoids only please)
Patreon for my Hallows Webcomic has been fixed up :3
Now to just design the cast and release 1 new one monthly!
Starting with Dr Hallow herself first!
I have finally taken into account how fucked the LGBT community is with all the special snowflakes in it who get offended over one word...
Or anyone in the modern world that gets offended over shit

Found out today that I have to teach my cousin, who's like 3 or 4, 'Ba Ba Neutral Sheep' instead of 'Ba Ba Black Sheep' because it's 'Racist and Offensive to Black People'... Not once have I ever heard a BLACK PERSON complain about this song in my whole life... And it's only ever WHITE PEOPLE that I hear complaining about things being racist towards BLACK PEOPLE when they don't even really care tbf....

Same with Genders... I'm not gonna ask EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING what they're pronouns are.. Like I'll say 'Good morning madame' to someone who APPEARS to be a woman because she has boobs, then if she corrects me I'll change but I have NOT assumed your GENDER, I have simply used your BIOLOGICAL ANATOMY to identify what is your SEX... THEY ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!

Please preach this post and I hope some special snowflakes see this :3
Would make my day to see them complain :3

(So done with this modern world 'everyone gets offended' bullshit!)
Just finished writing this story on my wattpad >>
It's a Crosshairs x Reader (Transformers)
It follows the 4th film, Age of Extinction
I never posted it to my DA and I'm too lazy to do so unless someone wants me too
Partner is now on Deviantart as TheAnonymousManiac
Feel free to bully him 😊



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