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Who wants some cheap art from me? If the answer is you head over to my fiverr page… and place an order. I'll draw just about anything you want for $5. It is a good deal and keeps me fed, everyone wins!
I am making a video game called Wisp and I need help making it. So I started a Kick Starter for it. The game is a challenging old-school style platformer with an artistic presentation.

$5 gets the whole game as a digital download for Mac and PC when its done... ONLY $5! there are more rewards if you donate more too... but $5 for the full game is pretty awesome.

There's even a link to download a demo of a few levels to try before making your decision. :) Check it out!

Kickstarter ->…
Demo download ->
So I just did a batch update for all my art for extra credits if you couldn't tell... And if you have not been over to that page and you like videogames you have done something wrong. Head over there and enjoy some good people, news and podcasts.

Speaking of podcasts I have been in the last few:
sexism in gaming ->…
Science Fiction in Games part I ->… part II ->…
So everyone I know we are still very happy about SOPA not passing, but now there is something that is just as bad maybe worse because this effects just about everyone in the world. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a proposed plurilateral agreement for the purpose of establishing international standards on intellectual property rights enforcement. Just like SOPA any page with content that is copyrighted can be shut down and the user can charged criminally. Sights like deviantart, youtube, and twitter would die because of this thing.

Here are a few pages explaining it better then I can:……

Let's stand together and stop this thing just like we took down SOPA!
Sorry about not posting pokemon in the last few days I'm working on another drawing for this ->…? that has been taking my time. But also there is the fact I hate Blastoise. out of all the pokemon there out he is the one I wanted to do the least. *Sigh* well I think I'll draw him on monday.
Well I decided I'm going to do something crazy today I'm going to draw all 649 pokémon and put them up here. I'll do 1 to 3 a day 5 days a week. It should take me about a year to do. Wish me luck I'm going to start with Bulbasaur and go from there.

PS If you want me to see do more of thins kind of thing Give me a hand and donate to me.
Commission Prices

Anime / Cartoon Price:
  Lineart only-- $15 per character + $10 for background Link
  Lineart w/ Basic Color -- $40 per character $25 for background Link
  Digatal painting -- $100 per character $150 for background Link

Pony price (my little pony friendship is magic style):
  Lineart only-- $10 per character + $5 for background Link
  Lineart w/ Basic Color -- $20 per character + $10 for background Link

Payment options: Paypal

I will need 1/2 of the commission up front, then you will receive a small 400 PX image showing you I have the drawing completed and once I receive the second 1/2 payment you will get the full sized image.

Email all Commission requests to: terra(at)