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Some music of the Tolkien Works

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The Last Goodbye - Billy Boyd

Greetings, Middle Earth Lovers; because we SHARE the passion!

Giggle WE FINALLY SEE 2020 Giggle 

Pixel: Red Little Heart A kind reminder to read the group rules prior to submitting artworks. For the benefit of all, they have been explained in detail on this journal entry: Special News Letter - Group Rules - IMPORTANT


 Middle Earth Lovers wishes their members and affiliates an advanced


Hobbit Valentine by wolfanita

Artwork: Hobbit Valentine
by Wolfanita

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Pixel: Red Little Heart New members - We have now 595 members!!! Let's welcome our newest ones:

:iconcagdasdemiralp: :iconpjik:

Thank you for sharing with us the passion for Tolkien works. 

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Pixel: Red Little Heart Affiliates - If you own a Tolkien works group, this is the space to showcase it. Affiliate with us! We Tolkien fans have to stick together.  The more, the merrier.

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Pixel: Red Little Heart Admin Choice of the Month  - This time, I would like to dedicate the monthly choice to all the horrible shippers out there, by tweaking the commercial purpose of Valentine some. Enjoy! ( these are not the actual titles, but I am sure the artists won't oppose to a little bit of humor :D (Big Grin)) : 

The Dragon Within [12] by FrerinHagsolb             My precious by DitaDiPolvere
Thorin's Arkenstone           Smeagol's preciousss

    Kili and Tauriel: A Promise by Kc-Eazyworld                    The Lord of the Rings by Khaleesi777  
"I love the dead"                  The #1 stalker 

An Ancient Enemy by LauraTolton            Little Smaug by fantasygirl157
      This rog is on fire!           "Cuz I am a material drag"

I hope you enjoyed the humorous titles as much as we did.
All  joke aside, these are artists like you. Don't forget to comment, next could be your art!

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Pixel: Red Little Heart Llamas, llamas and more llamas!!! - Thanks to everybody that has awarded us llamas. We do not oppose to hoarding them, so if you feel moved to giving us more llamas, here is the link to make it easier: 
Whomever gives us llamas will receive llamas in return :) (Smile)

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Pixel: Red Little Heart And last, but definitely not least, We wish to thank each one of you, our members, for making of this group a wonderful one! Keep prettying up our galleries with your wonderful artworks and blessed be!

-The Moderation team-
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Little Smaug by fantasygirl157
An Ancient Enemy by LauraTolton
The Lord of the Rings by Khaleesi777
Kili and Tauriel: A Promise by Kc-Eazyworld
Literature - Disabled

Mature Content

Mature Content

No One Can Rewrite the Stars by Mustard-Lady
It is true love by Lorelei2323
Kili y Tauriel by Lorelei2323
The Tauriel's dream by MaTilda-2941
Comic Strips, Stills and Memes
The Cat-pany of Thorin Meow-kenshield - Bonus by BeautyAndStrength
The Cat-pany of Thorin Meow-kenshield - Part 7 by BeautyAndStrength
The Cat-pany of Thorin Meow-kenshield - Part 6 by BeautyAndStrength
The Cat-pany of Thorin Meow-kenshield - Part 5 by BeautyAndStrength
Stamps, GIF and Animations
Lost in the labyrinth of ice - animation test 2015 by Sirielle
Fili Icon by squirrelygirl890
Kili Icon by squirrelygirl890
Melkor Traums du by EPH-SAN1634
Gimli by sophiexxth
Dwarf of Erebor by cagdasdemiralp
Farewell, Good Thief by FrerinHagsolb
Freeze, You lil' Ne'er-do-wells! by FrerinHagsolb
The Magick Of Old by Lyriel-MoonShadow
Oropher King of the Greenwood by alystraea
Gil-Estel by alystraea
New Star (Part 2) by alystraea
Frodo and Sam by sophiexxth
Bilbo Baggins by sophiexxth
Bilbo Baggins by sophiexxth
Bilbo Baggins by sophiexxth
Men and Women
Bregolas by peet
Adanedhel by peet
Boromir by sophiexxth
The golden halls of Edoras by MeuWi
Saruman by sophiexxth
Ered Nimrais by Airstelle
The Brown Wizard by redsonya131313
Gandalf the White by CristianGarro
Multi Race
The Gift by Helesssart
Other Free People - Good
Eucatastrophe by Snow-Monster
Orcs and Goblins
Orc of Mordor by AlMaNeGrA
Smaug and Bilbo by Pigliamosche
Other Fell Creatures - Villains
Mairon sketch- by Pigliamosche
Crafts, Cosplay and Comic Con
Moon Goddess tiara by Lyriel-MoonShadow
Maps, Landscapes and Scenes
Meneltarma by peet
Holiday Themed
Hobbit Christmas Card by nokeek
OC's inspired in Middle Earth
One More Thing by Faerietopia
Artistic Nudes of Middle Earth

Mature Content

Thranduil by NimrodelDark
Nienna, Lady of Pity and Mourning by elbrethali

Rules and Guidelines

**If you are facing problems with joining or submitting art, send me a note and I will fix it for you.**


The Valar (Founder and Co-founder)

The Maiar (Moderators)








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