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Hello world!

Here it is, always, your friendly Sean MacMalcom to introduce you the great work of Giuliana Lagi about the saga of Midda's Chronicles.
In these days, I'm offering you a main vision of the latest four years in her art life, with old and new illustrations that I hope you could appreciate. And, BTW, thank you for all favs!!!

But, maybe, someone is asking a simple question: "Who on hell is Midda?"

"How" she is, I suppose is out of all doubts...
But "who" she is, indeed, it could be a good question!

The introduction to the saga, translated from italian language, should be this:
"Midda Bontor: warrior woman for vocation, mercenary for profession.
In a world where the ability in the use of a weapon could mark the difference between the life and the death, and where the value of a person is measured with the number of his killed enemies, she wanders in the searching for new challanges to offer a sense to her existence."

So, Midda is an adventurer and she moves in a large world full of dangers, like hippocamps , or gargoyles , or vampire jinn and more, much more!
And Giuliana Lagi, in these years, has worked to give to this wonderful world a face, in her art.

Don't miss all new illustrations that I'll post in next days!
What you have yet watched it's only the begin!

Thanks for your interest...

- Sean
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Submitted on
November 25, 2011