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Hi, guys and gurls!

Here it is, as usual, your friendly Sean MacMalcom to writing about the great work of Giuliana Lagi on the saga of Midda's Chronicles.
Your appreciation is always welcome and I want to thank you for all your favs! This is a wonderful demostration of how good has to be considered this art!
Today, if you would, I desire to spend two words around Midda's Chronicles, the saga from which these illustrations have origin.

Midda's Chronicles born on January 11th, 2008, as a sword & sorcery fantasy blog novel. Since then, the blog has presented one episode at day, seven days at week, fifty-two weeks at year. Today, it counts more than one thousand and four hundred episodes, with twenty-nine complete tales. And, since 2009, seventeen of these tales have yet been revisioned and republished in a softcover book version (the fourth book will be on sale on December 11th, 2011). The entire saga will count ten books, for its first narrative arc.
Today, all books of Midda's Chronicles, which include the amazing work of Giuliana Lagi, has been published only as artisanal work with the support of maybe, if God wants, a newest publication of the saga will interest some editor, here in Italy or anywhere else, and so all adventures of Midda could be found in bookstores.

Waiting for the realization of this dream, I offer you appointment in this gallery for new, astonishing illustrations by Giuliana Lagi...

Always thanks for your interest...

- Sean
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Submitted on
November 29, 2011