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Winter's Hope

By mictones
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Photoshop and Painter

Year: 2008
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this gives me a great idea for expanding on the rite of rulership for the snow kingdom in my world.
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One flower in the flowers ![link]
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I really hope you find this flattering; I'm getting started as a novelist and this inspired my idea for the 3rd book I'd like to write!! =o I should have said this a WHILE ago, but better late than never xP
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Well, best of luck in your endeavor.
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Wow, stunning work on this. I love the hope concept! <3 Good job.
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Your Beautiful Art  has been featured in my Journal
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:  [link]  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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Saw it, thanks.
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You are very welcome :heart:
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It’s my pleasure! :hug:
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Your amazing work has been feature on my journal --> [link]
I hope you doesn't mind
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Saw it, thanks. I don't mind at all. :)
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Hi, I was inspired to use your art in a youtube video about the magic of storytelling. You can see it here: [link]

Sorry that I didn't ask permission beforehand, if for any reason you'd like me to remove your picture, let me know and I'll do so immediately and reupload it. Thanks!
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It's fine though next time try to ask permission beforehand to avoid complications. ;)
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I know! I feel silly that I didn't, it's duly noted!
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LOVE the style! I'd like to feature something similar to this for a unique commission if you're interested: [link]
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Thanks. Regarding the unique commission, not sure what is the purpose of DA points.
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Whenever someone orders jewelry made from your artwork, I charge an extra fee that you set, then pay you this amount in DA points.

I would use paypal, but it's much more complicated. I get paid using paypal, and they take their cut. I send you your share using paypal, and they take their cut again. I'd have to round up everybody's emails or note them for their emails everytime something sells. Technically it wouldn't be too bad, but I don't want to take the extra time. Points are easier. It sells, I send points to your account. Easy.

I know you can buy more things with real money, but you can at least buy prints with points. If you choose not to join this project because you'd only get paid in points, then you won't get money or points. If you choose to join this project, then eventually you'll rack up enough points to get a free piece of art to hang on your least postcard-sized.
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I honestly don't mind you using the image per se at the same time I care not much for DA points since it is not real money as well. So since I don't mind it that much, it is ok for you to use this image for your jewelry in exchange for the DA points. Though I think you need a different piece for your jewelry though.Since you did mention "I'd like to feature something similar to this for a unique commission". If it is another piece meant for that, I have to think about it since I need to make something especially for that.
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