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Neith Weaver of Fate

By mictones
A character from Hi-Rez Studios game called SMITE.

Oct 2014
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© 2014 - 2021 mictones
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I’m a 💎 Neith. Definitely the easiest but my favorite god on Smite.
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Years later and I found this because I'm doing a mythology presentation and I chose Neith as my goddess ^-^
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This should be her default loading card.
alithking's avatar
Awesome and sexy art work, well done.
DaveSpectre122's avatar
Absolutely Awesome :D
Umbrardor's avatar
I'm about to reach Diamond with her :D
She is still such an awesome (and personality-filled) hunter. She's almost as enthusiastic as Artemis whose voice pack is a series of yells and screamed words. I'm surprised they don't get along better.
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Maybe because they're from different pantheons? Or competing hunters? I can't imagine Artemis would be to keen on having the spotlight stolen from her as being the best hunter. 
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ITS AWESOME!!!!! It needs to be the game card! :O <3
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Nice! Looks as Japanese as the 3d original model :V
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Hello artist, may I share your amazing talent on with credit and link to your DA?

Also if you accept, you might provide me with any other promotion page you have( Youtube, facebook, twitter. . . ) and you will be added to the "Artists" section of the blog :) thank you!
Jime-From-SilentTown's avatar
Do you have any other promotion page where you publish your art?
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This devart account should be fine.
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Omg *-* Love her!! That's a beautiful Neith !
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Killer stuff! Keep up the great work!
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Lovely artwork. The only thing that bothers me is that the quiver at her hip look too short.
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Just the bow sorta iffs me, but other than that, this is amazing!
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Even better than her in-game art 
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