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Jessica Bikini

By microUgly
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Another colouring of a :iconking-cheetah: drawing.

Maybe it's Jessica Rabbit--maybe it's not if that would get it removed from DA.

Coloured in Inkscape.
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inkscape? this is very cool!
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Does it really matter who she is with a body like that? :D
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Inkscape is such a COOL program. I love your line weights as well as the color. Did you use the new version with the paint bucket tool?
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Thanks for the comment.

Yeah, I use the paint bucket to create the initial flat colours.
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Very cool, love it!
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This is some fantastic coloring! How did u do the sparkels and glitter?
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Thank for your comment :)

I created the sequins using a variation of [link]

I created a Tiled clone of a sequin, then unlinked them (so their colours could be change). I used the tweak tool too move them and add a little shape, and applied pink colour, and then used the tweak tool to jitter the luminance to make them sparkle.
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Wow thanks im gonna try that out! See learn somthing new every day!
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whoa that's random, I've just finished coloring another of Shon's drawings, what are the odds :) , anyway awesome work, love the colors =D.
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His stuff is so much fun to colour :)
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Yeah, what KC said!
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Your stuff always starts at outstanding, then works it's way up! :D

Well done!
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Thanks :) I'm really glad you like it.
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