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Reading these comments, I just have to say...I don't mean to sound particularly conceited or anything, but I figured out the solution to the marble/domes puzzle when I was around 8 years old.

That said, I WAS playing the game along with my younger brother and my dad along with me. I probably was the one the most intensely into the game though, none of us used outside help, and I was the one of the group who would focus on:
1) the number system
2) the mapping stuff (aka everything to do with the dome/marble puzzle)
so...yeah...essentially I figured that particular puzzle out on my own when I was 8.

It took us 2 years to complete the game, but we were playing it on and off. We also had to restart the whole thing at some point due to computer issues. We never used any outside help for the entire game at any point.

It's also worth noting that my notes for the marble/domes puzzle were basically a bunch of dots that weren't even quantized/aligned to grids, just a bunch of relatively placed dots drawn within messily drawn squares basically (like the ones that were the size of Catherine's prison island, they weren't subdivided any lower than that)...I have no idea how I managed to even READ that haha. I still keep all of my puzzle-adventure game notebooks with me, but given that Riven in particular was played when I was so young, it's rather hilarious to look back on now, how childish and messy the handwriting looks yet mapping out the crazy complexity of the game that I did. "NUMBUR SYSTIM", also most of the notebook is written in multicolored color-changing gel pens...and parts of the puzzles based around color were only indicated by what color the gel pen was if I remember correctly.

I'm surprised actually to see you say that there's that few people who solved it without any outside help that you've encountered. Though I was a pretty unusually highly mathematically/complexity-minded kid, haha, I craved complex challenges and puzzles, I loved things more the more complex they were, was disappointed when things meant for my age made things too simple. I still am pretty much exactly the same...almost 2 decades later! I want a game with cute talking cartoon animals to require me to have a 50-page notebook! I guess I'll never be satisfied.

TO THIS DAY, I still do not find any game to be nearly as satisfactory as Riven in terms of puzzle difficulty/complexity/structure (structure meaning: how the puzzles are all so deeply integrated into the rest of the game seamlessly, and how the entire game is basically just two, very large, interconnected puzzles). It's what I crave, but Riven is kind of the epitome of it, so with that as a reference point nothing has ever stood up to that for me.

Fez and Alida are two games that come maybe somewhat close to emulating the feel of Riven to me puzzle-wise but...not really. Riven is by far my favorite game and until someone comes out with something to top it, always will be! Myst III and IV were pretty good games but just...compared to Riven? They're nothing, at least not in terms of puzzles. Nothing has compared to Riven for me and I really crave such a thing.

Also I have not used dA in over half-a-decade and log in for the first time just to comment on this post haha. My paleontologist brother just linked me this page to say someone he follows posted this at some point and I guess I'm in the mood to talk about puzzle-adventure games haha!
Tay Desktop
Oh wow, that font confrence video is amazing, thanks for posting it here. I really love it.
Stop stealing my summer silly southern hemisphere! :XD:
Oh, sad. These trolls should get banned, which isn't that uncommon, and would be quite expected at some point. I hope you are able to return without being harrased.