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My Bio

just a dork that gts/ shrinking art and stories for fun as well as wanting to make actual stories whether they involve gts/ shrinking scenarios or not.

(Request are either open at a certain time or not open at the moment, please look at my journals to get a good idea if they are or not. Art trades are almost open almost all the time, just try to contact me and we can try to discuss it, just know I can be slightly picky)

What type of games you want me to review for milestones like if i get to 75th or 100th review, ect?

47 votes
Play any game you feel like to play
Play another game of your childhood or favorite series to play
How about a game everyone loves to talk about that has a lot to say
I want you to play a game that I want to see you suffer
need to see a backlog of all your games to determine
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Happy Father's day ya'll
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Sorry for the day longer wait everyone, got home Saturday morning and found out Internet signal is crapping out due to it being upgrade and so far internet still has not come back at this moment and i don't expect it to for at least a few more days, so i have to make this announcement by phone. Anyways, thanks to everyone that put a request on the request journal last week, and thanks to those that also want to do an art trade, i'll try to work on my half of the trade as soon as i can. I think like 17 or 18 people put a request in, but as you guys read the art request journal, i would only take like 5 or 10 request, and i decided to take ten. In the order of the names thst were picked from the roluette i did, here are the ones that got their request picked: 1) GuGoomba 2) Fallou-paladin 3) MacroplanetDA 4) Slenderman7676 5) Prismblack91 6) DanielNegrete 7) Halothecool 8) ThatBigInkling 9) Navicrack 10) eatew7435 I know there were plenty of you that didn't got pick, but this is amount i am willing to do at this time, but thanks again for putting the request in. Though, i would like to knoe that looking at some of the request and what some of you wanted, i may look back in the future and maybe still do the drawing as i did saw some that i did like, though no promises as these 10 requests will be my focus to work on along with the art trades and major projects I got. I think that's about it as i won't be doing any monthly updates till next month. Hope to get my internet working soon so i can start posting things again, but we'll see. Oh, that being said, do keep any eye out for later this month for the introduction of a new character i'll be having to celebrate next month's holiday, the fourth of July. Ok, I think that's it, have a good day.
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Hey just curious, do you wanna art trade? If not that's okay.

Hello do you want to do a art-trade

Hey, i'm just curious on when you'll start the request roulette pics? If you're busy and not ready yet than that's cool

I'm trying to work on it, just a bit of slow progress on my end with some art trades and trying to work on a personal project at the same time.

I'm a little nervous to ask, but I was wondering, can you get someone to draw Mira Nova as a muscular squirrel (without clothing due to fur and SFW)? The picture I sent you is an art reference on what Mira looks like. Mira is from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. If that's Okay with you.

A Big Thumbs Up from Mira Nova

Keep up the great work