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Futaba, You Shrunk Joker
With another palace down, the Phantom Thieves return to their home and wait for another day before deciding on their next target. With the gang taking it easy for the next few days, Futaba decides to ask Joker if he can help with a project she has been working on since she joined the group. Joker decides to agree to help the Futaba. The next day he went to Sojiro's house and make his way to Futaba's room. He knocks on the door and enters the room where a excited Futaba is ready to demonstrate her little project. She was so excited, Futaba didn't bother asking Joker if she could try a strange ray gun device on him. With a blinding flash, Joker watch as everything grew around him. He was shock to see everything is absolutely gigantic to him, that includes the person that shrunk him. Futaba walks up to where joker stood and squats down. Her eyes widen with glee as she reaches down and plucks Joker off the ground before setting him on her bed. Futaba talks a mouth full of how amazing the device she has been working on works perfectly, too bad that it just short circuited behinds her. Seems Joker is going to be stuck at his size for a wee bit.

(Wanted to make a persona gts drawing for a while, so i figure i do one with one of my favorite characters of the series, from 3 to 5 i should clarify.)
Curse You Murphy's Law (Request)
This is a request from… who wanted a giant Melissa from Milo Murphy's Law unknowingly crushing groups of buildings. Hope you like the drawing.
Return of the Secretary
Kirby was just having another fun time in planet Popstar. He then got a mail from Susie, who said she coming for a visit. Being the adorable pink marshmallow he is, Kirby decides to give a cake as a welcome gift. He almost finishes wrapping the gift when all of Popstar shook violently. He, and practically everyone on the planet, looks up and see why. Seems Susie came back alright, and in a much unexpected way. She gently brings the planet, which was no bigger than a cookie to her, to her face. She gives a joyful expression as she spot a familiar pink puffball, who waves happily at her while grabbing the gift to give to Susie.

(Meant to make this drawing a little shortly after the last Kirby drawing i did. Hope you like the drawing as we watch Popstar get shake around by the hands of one of the, arguably, most adorable character in the series, second to Kirby himself.)
Collecting Samples
Ok, i wanted to make a mini story that pretty much the point of view of the people in the circle as the look up in fear as Tali carves a circle around them, destroying lots of lands before grabbing a scoop and scoops the city up and puts it in a container, follow by Tali's point of view where she is talking to a fellow quarian as she tells them that she hasn't discover any other sentient life on the planet but discovers a strange grey moss, not able to see the people even with a built in microscope lens in her mask, and takes the city with her. But funny thing is that this drawing, along with another drawing involving overwatch and Battleborn, was meant to uploaded LAST year, and i completely forgot about it...whoops. So yeah, no mini story because of that embarrassment, sorry guys.
Susie Nightingale
Hello oh mighty world,
Its time to see my show~

You thought you saw all the world's wonder,
But now I'm here to make your life ponder.

My voice shall be heard across the land
even if i have to hold all of you in my hand.

You all seem to run from me as something tragic, but let me tell you,
I'm a being of pure fun and chaotic magic.

You see my as someone crazy,
but that's where you wrong, I'm not crazy, I'm Susie.

I love to sing and dance,
i'm never picky where i can dance when i find the chance.
Its just a shame not many survive when i start to prance.

My name is Susie,
best you remember that name,
and you better not call me crazy,
or you might soon find yourself at the bottom of my cane.

I'm just a simple girl,
Who just wants to give everyone a fun time whirl.
Now you better get out of my path or you'll find yourself sore.

My name is Susie,
Best you remember that name,
As I skip around and make the world shaky.

As I have my fun with great glee,
you try to best to flee,
but it seems I'm too much to handle as everyone can see.
You should never be in my way as i dance around as i please.
Yet i see some of you try to come to me and plea.
Its so amusing how try you try to amuse me,
like a slave that is ready to obey.
Silly mortal, that isn't how i play.

My name is Susie,
Best you remember that name,
as its time for all of you to be part of my game.


(Somewhere far away)

"And we watch from a distant as a massive woman, who seems to be singing and dancing for some reason, is destroying countless lives. It seems to be the end for many major cities around the area, from massive earthquakes to even tsunamis due to the moon's sudden shift. While we wait to see what this strange entity will do next, here Sailor with the weather who's near said area. Sailor?"


"Thanks Sailor."

Shekra : "Why did you let that walking nightmare come to this world?"

Me: "I bet a cookie and i lost the bet, so now she wants to come over."

Gwen: "You doom countless lives for a cookie?"

Me: "You kidding me, i once bet all of existence for a ice cream bar."

Shekra and Gwen: "Ugh..."

(Sorry if the "song" wasn't good, i couldn't think of anything catchy or cleaver. Anyways, here's Susie Nightingale. And here's her profile. Told you that this oc is a little bit of a Black Sheep.)

Name: Susie Nightingale
Size: Unknown
Race: Unknown, she wouldn't tell me.
Able to warp reality and time, no idea how truly powerful she is. Something in her song she didn't mention yet is that she loves to make deals with people. Also she is very weird in many things. While she does appear human, she can also alter her looks, even to something so incomprehensible that it will drive you wasn't impressive to me.

Likes: Fun, singing and rhyming to the point that is how she always talks, dancing, playing and being kind to kids, messing with people, breaking people's mental    state for some reason, games, traveling across galaxies and realities, making bets and deals, being fair, tea, talking with Meena and Gwen (even though they don't want to), talking and playing games with me (even though i really don't want to), rainbows and clean.

Dislike: Being bored, weak minded people, worshipers, Satan who is the devil (I miss honest trailers for game T-T), and oranges....really, really hates oranges (Don't tell her she got the color orange on her dress)

Ok, so going to make this short. Kingdom hearts is out and i'm playing that game nonstop to the point i won't focus on anything else. Going to also play games i wanted to play badly that came out last year.

Will try to work on some stuff here and there, but don't expect any gts drawing this month.


United States
just making rps for fun


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