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Haplocheirus sollers [speculative and outdated]



Haplocheirus sollers, an early Alvarezsaur of the Jurassic in what is now China.

[An older reconstruction that most likely does not represent the real animal very well based on current understanding.]
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Whilst an amazing art piece it is unfortunately incorrect as far as ecological behavior, day activity and dietary preferences however this information was released in 2014 so you couldn't possibly have known it in 2012 when you made this amazing art piece but I shall share the information anyway. Choiniere, et al., 2014 found that the dental morphology, lightly built long, low narrow skull and long low dentaries suggest an animal with a weak bite force but rapid jaw closure ability. This was used to propose that H. sollers likely preyed predominantly on small vertebrates such as lizards, spenodontians, small terrestrial crocodiles, mammals, amphibians and possibly even fish. Of course invertebrates were almost certainly consumed but H. sollers was rather large as far as Alvarezsauroids go measuring 2 metres long making it the largest known so I personally think inverts would not have made up the bulk of its diet. As far as daily activities go Choiniere, et al., 2014 compared the inner and outer diameters of the preserved scleral rings of H. sollers to those of Velociraptor and the data on scleral rings and daily activity by Schmitz and Motani, 2011 found H. sollers to most likely be nocturnal on account of its scleral rings being larger than those of Velociraptor who was found to likely be nocturnal by Schmitz and Motani, 2011. Hope this information was education and enjoyable to read, once again great artwork and no that none of this comment is meant in an intentionally malicious or hateful manner simply just sharing what I know about this fascinating little Dinosaur.