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Diamantinasaurus and Australovenator

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Winton Formation megafauna, from the Early Cretaceous of Australia: The titanosaur Diamantinasaurus matildae and theropod Australovenator wintonensis.

You can read more about these animals at:…

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I came aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Very good , but Australovenator should be taller.
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Thanks! Based on the original paper, I think if anything the Australovenator should be even smaller compared to Diamantinasaurus - check out the scale bars:…

My image contains a lot of anatomical inaccuracies that should probably be addressed in an edit at some point, though.
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Ok, what year is the paper?
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OK , i see
Diamantinasaurus was visibly larger than Australovenator.
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Nice picture but australeovenator was a ceolorosaurid/basal tyrannosaurid and not a allosaurid.
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Thanks. Do you have a source for that? When I made this, everything I read said it was classified within the Allosauroidea.
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Here is a link to a page that explains it their are many others that explained it better but this is the first one to pop up.… these finds are based on more recent finds that include a juvenile skull and the fact that they were considered to be ceolorosaurs because of their tails and it's vertebrae but the skull finding was the piece they needed to confirm this grouping. 
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Interesting - thanks!
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Wonderful job! A picture like this would give pure nostalgia when us children read some dinosaur books or would have a good time visiting the meuseum. Wonderful, I say, just wonderful!
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Excuse me I was wondering if I coild use this work for a topic I'm writing for Speculative Evolution. It consists of only Australian dinosaurs, and of course credit will be given to you. I also will understand if you deny. Thanks!
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Anyone ever think that that Diamantinasaurus's legs are too fat?
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Wow!! Amazing picture, it's a fantastic view betwenn this two animals. I think Australovenator has decided to not attack the titanosaur ang go to hunt a more easy prey!!!
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Thanks! Yeah, there's probably something a little less challenging to go after...
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That theropod is wise to keep a distance.
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