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My version of a strange, piscivorous theropod dinosaur that lived around 130 to 125 million years ago, in the Early Cretaceous of Europe: Baryonyx. A member of the Spinosaurid family, one Baryonyx specimen was found with evidence of fish scales in the area of the stomach, and was also associated with some Iguanodon bones; I've portrayed it here as if about to grab the fish Scheenstia, while a lone Iguanodon forages in the distance. Two pterosaurs known as Istiodactylus fly overhead.

The Natural History Museum in London produced a great short video about the discovery of Baryonyx, which can be seen here:

An excellent skeletal drawing of Baryonyx, by the ever-rigorous Scott Hartman, can be found here:…

I had set myself a personal goal this year of making a new digital painting for each issue of Prehistoric Times Magazine, and this is the final image to complete the series. I'm also hoping to create a new piece of digital music for each new image I make – sort of an ongoing multimedia paleoart project – and the soundtrack for this painting can be found here at my SoundCloud page:…

Please do not reproduce or use without permission, and thanks for viewing (and listening)!

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Absolutely stunning. I love both the image and the track, baryonyx is one of my favorite dinosaurs, and I love the way you've captured it here. The song really nicely blends a feeling of mass and weight with tones that bring to mind water and motion. Something big and just a bit spooky sloshing around and chasing fast little splashing fish, haha. Really wonderful.
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Thank you so much! I've learned a lot since making this one - there are definitely some anatomical issues I might have to edit at some point. Glad you enjoyed it though!
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Simply beautiful!
What program did you use?
MicrocosmicEcology's avatar
Thank you! I use Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.

I think the leg proportions are quite a bit off, but there's always the tension of whether to revise older paintings or keep moving forward to new ones...
AnonymousLlama428's avatar
No problem.;) (Wink)
We all make mistakes sometimes, I doubt many people will notice.
I use a Wacom with Photoshop as well, though my work isn't terribly amazing.=P (Razz) 
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Your feather/fur technique is great on the Yutyrannus and tiger eye!
Aquaraptor1304's avatar
Good job, this baryonyx looks like he's got some serious stuff to settle with that fish...
MicrocosmicEcology's avatar
Thanks! Mostly hunger, I suppose...
Aquaraptor1304's avatar
Your welcome, I hope that fish has a good time in his belly.
grisador's avatar
Awesome Artwork ! 

Its kinda weird to know you pointed to every animal it eat :D
grisador's avatar
You are very welcome :)

Nice Artwork :nod:
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If I had to decide for a favorite spinosaurid, then Baryonyx would win my heart. I love the dark brownish tones in combination with the orange patches along the body of the Baryonyx and the quills are also a nice touch.
ForvenN20's avatar
Poor little fishies :(
MicrocosmicEcology's avatar
Yeah... maybe it'll be quick, at least?
ForvenN20's avatar
Not if it doesn't quite kill Mr Fishy in one go :( But if the Baryonyx was starving I'd feel sorry for that too xD
morbiusx33's avatar
Wondered if it could swim like Spinosaurus?
MicrocosmicEcology's avatar
It was pretty interesting timing on that new announcement - literally the day after I finished this painting. I got a bit nervous about the way I had portrayed the hind limb proportions here, considering how strange the new version of Spinosaurus appears, but it seems like Baryonyx and its relative Suchomimus have been recovered with fairly intact hind limbs and were closer to the "normal" theropod proportions. I'm thinking Spinosaurus was probably a much stronger swimmer, but Baryonyx would likely have taken to the water fairly regularly and without much trouble. I did a project earlier relating to theropod swimming tracks from China (just the claw-tips raked through the mud, indicating the body was probably floating), and it seems like most theropods could probably handle swimming when necessary - and Baryonyx maybe better than most.

I think it was Dr. Thomas Holtz, Jr. that talked about Baryonyx being a sort of Mesozoic grizzly bear - probably taking a lot of fish from the water's edge and occasionally killing or scavenging an Iguanodon.

Looks like there's some question about the newly-published Spinosaurus information, too:…
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That is some high quality Baryonyx you made there!
MicrocosmicEcology's avatar
Thank you very much!
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