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My version of a strange, piscivorous theropod dinosaur that lived around 130 to 125 million years ago, in the Early Cretaceous of Europe: Baryonyx. A member of the Spinosaurid family, one Baryonyx specimen was found with evidence of fish scales in the area of the stomach, and was also associated with some Iguanodon bones; I've portrayed it here as if about to grab the fish Scheenstia, while a lone Iguanodon forages in the distance. Two pterosaurs known as Istiodactylus fly overhead.

The Natural History Museum in London produced a great short video about the discovery of Baryonyx, which can be seen here:

An excellent skeletal drawing of Baryonyx, by the ever-rigorous Scott Hartman, can be found here:

I had set myself a personal goal this year of making a new digital painting for each issue of Prehistoric Times Magazine, and this is the final image to complete the series. I'm also hoping to create a new piece of digital music for each new image I make – sort of an ongoing multimedia paleoart project – and the soundtrack for this painting can be found here at my SoundCloud page:

Please do not reproduce or use without permission, and thanks for viewing (and listening)!

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Absolutely stunning. I love both the image and the track, baryonyx is one of my favorite dinosaurs, and I love the way you've captured it here. The song really nicely blends a feeling of mass and weight with tones that bring to mind water and motion. Something big and just a bit spooky sloshing around and chasing fast little splashing fish, haha. Really wonderful.