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February 19, 2010
The suggester says: I just love this creation
The Homeworld by *microbot23 is a wonderful piece with amazing details and a brilliant concept!
Featured by gucken
Suggested by Esi0n
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The Homeworld

By microbot23
Homeworld, 175x130cm

not 100% finished but i have this laying around for some time now and its ready to show

photoshop + tablet. actually used some rulers on the cintiq for this. works great!! but was a pain to work on this since of the size.. never again.
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DarkOmen94's avatar
The Flat Earth Socities wet dream
Jupiter514's avatar
One Word: Minecraft...
10-dave1's avatar
Fall3NAiRBoRnE's avatar
Nice little artificial world there. Are there any day and night cycles though?
alderfek's avatar
Quite enjoyable
WolfHaru's avatar
i love this :) 
it is my new desktop back ground 
Horrorcain's avatar
Ooh! Your breaking the will of the universe. Flat planets, watch yo back for smiting.
Helixdude's avatar
Be careful around the edges- whoops too late AAAAAHHHHH!!
catboy676's avatar
simcity, real life version 
WingDiamond's avatar
:iconhornsplz::iconsaysplz: Help Me ... I'm Falling Off The Edge Of The World!

Siephe's avatar
And all this time, I thought the world was round! =P Amazing work!
Alyizel's avatar
It remind me of the Simcity maps XD
Anyway, it's wonderfull! I love it!
Alyizel's avatar
reminds* (sorry =.=)
That's epic, mate!!
The square of Discworld 2.0 ......
Tynorg-Six's avatar
The level of detail is impressive (that could be, and most likely is, an understatement), and you have reminsded me of something that I have seen before. Might I enquire as to the purpose of those little window-esque things?
Eddiethecomputer's avatar
Inspiringly imaginative.
Nippey's avatar
"Des ist brutal" :D
Maran's avatar
muffaelucciole's avatar
well done...
i wonder what shape the gravity of this planet has...
: )
HealerInTwilight's avatar
Reminds me of that show that used to be on cartoon network... Reboot, I think it was called? Very pretty picture!
hy1231's avatar
Great Idea! Respect you!
G-Master64's avatar
this is most impressive! just the amount of detail showing is mesmerizing Oo fantastic job! keep it up.
TheTrollGuy's avatar
Amazing. Looks... Minecrafty?
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