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Inspired by Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Magrathea
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Please go on YouTube, and watch "Symbols of an Alien Sky".
Incredible, matches how it is described in the book.
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impressive Clap Clap 
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This gives me chills! SPECTACULAR!!
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This is beautiful! I wish I could dive in and explore this fantastic visualisation of the factory floor.
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I came across this great image of yours at in a fantastic article titled  21 Books That Changed Science Fiction And Fantasy Forever
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Hello, I'm starting an astrophotography blog at this address:

Can I use this awesome image in my first post?
I'll add a link to this page and credit you as the creator. I'm posting  a draft right now, so you can see how it will look and suggest corrections if needed.
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Thank you so much for making this!
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This is amazing, desktop background time.
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Absolutely stunning!
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Absolutely stunning!
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A stunning piece, brilliant colours / contrast. Though that planet at the back (foreground) wouldn't have an earth like atmosphere so close to a star, but fiction is fiction so I'll just have to stick with the praising. Excellent work as always.
My god, man. you are a true master when it comes to detail. i always look forward to your next upload, and this blew my mind.
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Oh yeah, you forgot one important element: The White Hole these guys are getting their matter from to make the planets.
It's just like a black hole, but white, and it spews out blue tinted whitematter.
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Wow, this one outdoes the movie in impressiveness! Awesome!
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Very powerfull, gr8 job!
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Amazing work. keep up the good work. how long did this take you?
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gefeatured in meinem journal ;) [link]
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Amazing piece. Great feeling!
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