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Buzzing Hero: Healerbee

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are the wings apart of the costume or can he fly?

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I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a bee themed hero who was male.

Props for that atop that fantastic coat.

do they like jazz?

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bee characters are always so cute

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I am very intrigued to see what kind of Pro he is. His quirk doesn’t sound like it would be well suited for for combat, so it would be interesting to see.
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I think he's more of a support hero just like recovery girl
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I love Hachi's overall design and his Quirk. I can tell he's a very fun and sweet character! I can picture my OC, Tay Miyashiro (her Quirk is Animorphism, which allows her to turn into animals), would find him very cool and interesting to hang out with.
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He's a sweet guy both figuratively and literally haha. Add in Koda and they're all set
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I can picture Hachi and my OC becoming friends. Especially since her Quirk is Animorphism, which helps her turn into animals. She can be like a protector to him.
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And sorry for repeating myself a little😅. I derped😂.
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OH! amazing design, awesome character! I love the pose! it's quite striking! I love his quirk too!

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Thank you! It's one of the most unconventional quirks I encountered from my commissions. As for the design, I just tweaked my client's original design to make it fit MHA's universe.
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I really like the overall layout of this OC profile. The picture at the top that's faded makes this look even nicer. The honey quirk is pretty cool, definitely a new and creative thing. The dynamic pose makes this more fun to look at.

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Thank you so much for the compliments!
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You're welcome! Very creative and well thought out.

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I like it. I wish it could be expanded so that he could cover wounds with the honey like a bandaid or gauze if necessary.

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I sure hope it does!
I'm not really sure what are the exact applications of his quirk, I only had the general quirk's description given by my client.
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a very particular quirk

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