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SAMMYLAND!! [The Sam Kinison Experience!]

SAMMYLAND!! [Another art tribute to SAM KINISION!!]


Sam Kinison: “I want to have a new theme park in the next several years!! I think we can do it!! I want to call it SAMMYLAND!! Where every kid is KING!! It'll have ride like the Big Tittie ride!! IT'LL BE A LOT OF FUN!!!”

[Quoting as close as I can to this stand-up line of greatness!! LOL!!]


Yeah, I was bound to do another art to the legendary SAM KINISON tribute art piece!!

Sam ALWAYS pops up in my art over the courses of both TIME AND SPACE!! Ever since my high school years and my college years. And even in DEATH METAL BUNNY BRIGADE stories when I was doing Furrlough stories with Radio Comix post-college and beyond too.

I did this art LONG BEFORE I ever did the Christmas cards!! And tried to put elements of Morse Code in the art. Probably says stuff like PREACHER and PROPHET and things to that effect. Stuff like that.

I always loved his stand-up even in high school!! Sam Kinison stand-up comedy got me through a LOT of pain and alienations, even in high school during his HBO specials!!

Yeah, SAM KINSION'S FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT is still a classic in stand-up comedy for me!!


And self-admittance to this post!! I have had at least like FIVE dreams where whenever I hang out with Sam Kinison in my dreams...Very VIVID HD-LIKE DREAMS dreams too. I was never bored in a Sam Kinision dream either, and ALWAYS laughing at it, even when I woke up remembering those lucid dreams.

Sam ALWAYS screams at me and wants to go to some sort a party!

And he says...

“Hey Mickmo!! This is Sam!! I am on my comeback tour over here and I want you to come along with me!! I AM BAAAAAAACK!! COME ON LETS GO!!! AH AHHHHHRGH!!!”

And then occasionally in my dream, he does that wicked and funny cackle laugh of his!! There is NO middle ground whatsoever when you have Sam Kinison dream!! No a Sam Kinison dream is TRULY the entire SAM KINISON EXPIRENCE!!


It's RAW and UNALDULERATED art. But it is what it is!!

This art is just PURE UNFILTERED SAM KINSION!! And see, I am perfectly fine with that!!

Yes it is totally unfiltered and raw art!!

Or until Sam Kinison tried to reach me in a sixth dream!? It could totally happen within lucid dreaming states of me!! HEH!!




There can only be ONE and ONLY Sam Kinison!!

One of the true OUTLAWS OF COMEDY!!

As always, I hope you like or love the art piece!!






The LAST CHRISTMAS 2018 CARD in that collection of Christmas Cards that I drew back then!! Or....Until I decide to draw up some more, cause I love that schlock-like Christmas movie.....

[Otherwise this art piece is known as 6 OUT OF 6 in my SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS Christmas card series and chronicles!!]



Yes, I have this VERY BAD FEVERISH OBSESSION with the cult classic movie known only as SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS!!!

I tend to watch that cult classic Christmas movie it EVERY SINGLE DECEMBER!! And usually NUMEROUS time as well!!

[Much much more then Santa With Muscles or Santa's Slay or even Jack Frost 2: Revenge Of The Killer Mutant Snowman!! Though I totally love SANTA CLAWS with Debbie Rochon as well!! That one gets TOTAL REWATCHES from me in December times as well!! Too many schlock Christmas movies to really love!! SANTA CLAUS 1959 too for that matter!! HEH!!]


I wanted to do and somehow immortalize that PIA ZADORA role in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!! Something that reflected childhood in a Christmas movie.

And made some futile attempt to sent it to this lady's Twitter!! She people never even bothers to look at this art that I drew!! Oh well, at least I tried!?!! LOL!!

That one line from GIRMAR kinda always stuck in my head above all of the other lines she has said in that movie!!

When Santa's toy machine gets sabotaged by renegade Martians and what not...Where she's holding up the dolls with this innocent look with the doll's heads reversed and says to the camera....

Girmar: “The doll's head is a Teddy Bear head....And the Teddy Bear's head is the doll's head!!”

This card went to a friend of mine that I had known for many many decades. Chad Powelson got this card in a Christmas card exchange from me.

Yeah, hopefully in DECEMBER 2019!! I will pick up on MORE of the characters in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians!!

In all honesty, there were MORE characters I was seeking out drawing too!! And in that portraiture style too. But see, these cards were the cards scanned in BEFORE I made them up and put names and Christmas greetings on them. Then sending them on their merry ways!!

But maybe I will do the NEXT in the Santa Claus Conquers The Martians series many months down the line!!


Fun art to do for people!! YES IT WAS!






Yes, this is FIVE IN A SIX Christmas card series that I did EXCLUSIVELY in a 2018 Christmas Card exchange!!

Yes, I know I have this VERY WILD OBSESSION with the b-side f-side cult-classic Christmas movie known as SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS!!

Yeah, I figured that when I drew these 2018 Christmas cards in December!! Yes, I just HAD to draw DROPO CLAUS!!

That whole scene where Dropo as Dropo Claus finds a pillow and stuffs it down his Santa costume to say those immortal words to the camera....

“Well gosh!! MY FINGER ISN'T TIRED!!!"


Dropo Claus was just HILARIOUS as a character for me!

His fellow Martians somehow mistake him for the OTHER Santa Claus in this movie!! And the dialog was basically this after Dropo Claus was captured by his fellow aloof Martians....

Other Martian: “Can't you say more then just HO HO HO!?”

Dropo Claus: [Acting jolly and goofy and shit!!] “HO HO HOOOOOAH!!!!!”

Or when Santa Claus says in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians....

“Oh you don't need me here!! You have a Santa Claus all your own!! DROPO ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGH!! Eh heeeh heeeh heh!!”


Yeah, I do love that movie!! SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS!! I even enjoy the MST3K version of it as well!!

it's one of those movies where you just go into it. You don't even have to take it seriously....AT ALL!! And it always cheers me up in the end!!

But see, after Dropo Claus was a Santa impersonator!! All of the Martian kids probably gave him hugs anyway after that!! HEH!! Awwwwwhah!! 


[This Christmas card was sent to Daisy Church + Family in a 2018 Christmas card exchange!! Yes, you heard right, one of the METALOCALYPSE animators!! I enjoyed drawing this art too. Drawn in the SAME EXACT NIGHT before the Scut Farkus and the John Call S.C.C.T.M. card art...I do believe. During a drawing marathon weekend in December 2018!! A very cool card she sent me as well!!]

Hope you like or LOVE this art!! It was fun to do!!

Thanks a ton
for checking this one out!!

One of my personal favorites from the card series as well.

"Ho ho hooooooah!!!!" 

:santa: :D 





Number Four in my SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS Christmas card series!!

I did this one in a fortnight, the exact same night as the Scut Farkus card too!! But this was was drawn BEFORE the Scut Farkus card ever even got the breaths of existence from me!

I guess I was in such an TOTAL ARTIST'S GROOVE one Saturday night in December 2018 anyway!!

That I guess!? This was the Christmas card art that actually lead up to drawing Scut Farkus!!…

Well, this one was totally dedicated to the memory of JOHN CALL!! The man who played SANTA CLAUS in the legendary b-side Christmas movie SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS!!

I don't know what my favorite line from the John Call Santa Claus was!?

“My finger's been pressing buttons all day long!! I better put my finger to bed!! TE HEH HE HE HEEEEEH!!”


This art went to MY THERAPIST on Christmas Eve of 2018!!
Not even realizing the next day was CHRISTMAS DAY!!

He was out of the office on vacation, and I dropped off this card to him off at his mail slot!!

The very man who helped me during some of the WORST TIMES in my life. He absolutely got one of the BEST art pieces I ever drew during a art groove's streak in a set of cheap-o medium-sized Hallmark cards!!

See there, if you treat me right in one's life!! THEN YOU GET GREAT THINGS!!

One of my personal favorites of the Christmas cards from 2018!! And hey, how many times do I honestly get to draw JOHN CALL anyway being all jolly and blowing a silly bubble pipe!? PRETTY MUCH NEVER!! Heh!!

As always!! I hope you like it fellow DeviantArt'r'zth!!













Torg, come out of the spaceship!! TORG!!! COME...OUT....OF....THE....SPACESHIP!!”


The THIRD Santa Claus Conquers The Martians DRAWN CARD in a series of 6.

Yes, I know I am VERY OBSESSED with this legendary b-side Christmas movie!! But as my psyche sort of leads me into these things such as this....IT CANNOT BE HELPED!!

was the clunky robot in Santa Claus Conquers The Martians who was told to get off this spaceship by the Martian leader.

But see, once he got off the spaceship. Probably through some sort of TELEPORTATION or what not!?

The Martians dialogue lines are like this in the movie....

“Get 'em Torg!! GRAB HIM!!”

The the other Martian says back to him...Staring into the North Pole window of Santa's Workshop bewildered-like in awe....

“He's become a toy!!”

Then Santa Claus says later on with his midget elves....

“Well you're the biggest toy i've ever seen!! AH-HA-HA!! EHHHH!!!”


But yeah, I think TORG looked like some sort of bad toaster or something!? Or some not-very-well aged silver jukebox to me to something!? LOL!!

This card was in a Christmas card exchange and sent to Monica Soderstedt.

[Forgive me and my svelte spelling of things sometimes!? LOL!!]

Anyway, Torg the Martian's Robot lives in the Mickmo DeviantArt Archives here!! And quite possibly for all time!! HORRAY!!

I hope you dig it!!

Well, I hope you LIKE IT....cause I'm retro and groovy like that sometimes!? 

Diggin' it!! Ya dig!? LOL!!







So yeah....I HAD FUN WITH THIS ONE DAY!! One day I was in my Twitter, and I remembered how much I has SUFFERED doing the arts in my time! Even now, I am basically BLACKLISTED from the so-called “Bartle Hall Comic Shows” in the Kansas City area! Which is both hurtful and ridiculous for me anyway! Seeing as how i'd been in well over 100+ publications anyway! WHICH INCLUDES ACTUAL COMIC BOOKS!!

[The stigmas have GOT TO FREAKING STOP about my PTSD! Geeze!]

Then one day! I saw this TWITTER HASHTAG that was called #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists! IT WAS THE BEST HASHTAG IN A TWITTER I HAD SEEN IN QUITE A LONG TIME!! It was so brilliant and amazing, I just had to really run with it all!! And it made me A HERO to those who don't get recognized in the art....Cause chances are, THEY TOTALLY WENT THROUGH IT AS WELL!!

They were so TERRIBLY AMUSING to post up online for me in my TWITTER!! I posted something like 20 ACTUAL RESPONSES IN 2 HOURS TIME!! [So here they are....IN IT'S ENTIRETY!! The responses I posted to THINGS PEOPLE SAY TO ARTISTS!!!] All of the fickle things you hear being and actually LIVING in the true arts nowadays in the 21st century! But the ones who don't DRAW OR WRITE OR CREATE don't tend to see it the same way as a visionary artist and/or writer!

ENJOY THESE!! They are pretty damned hilarious and even deadpan humorous!

NOTE: The response about DOKKEN is an modified answer of what I already wrote anyway!

:alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

"Sure you can do a 120 page graphic novel for me in 2 DAYS! CAUSE YOU HAVE TALENT! Food shopping from the store!?" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"You say you went to art school in college, huh, Mickmo!? Well!
Picasso was my favorite post-impressionist!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"I didn't know you were in 100+ publications with art, Mickmo! I was an extra on the Lawrence Welk before! HONEST!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

OTHER GUY: Can you draw me IRON MAN!
ME: No! But I can draw Enid from #GhostWorld!
OTHER GUY: Is Enid an eraser brand!? - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"REALLY!? You've done 3 ACTUAL GALLERY ART PIECES for @ConanOBrien!? That's cool! I met Jerry Springer once!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

GUY 1: Why is your name Mickmo?
ME: It's an amalgamation of my 2 names anyway!
GUY 2: You ever meet BROM then!? - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"Camille Pissaro! Oh he was BRILLIANT! Especially when he did the Guernica painting....UP CLOSE, THAT IS!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"We don't want you at our comic show this year, Mickmo! But your table mate who had 2 weeks of drawing courses said HEY!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

You mean to tell me you went to ACTUAL ART SCHOOL!? In the 90s!? #LongviewCommunityCollege offers gaming art classes now! - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"Why do you need to do the ONE NAME THING, Mickmo!? Everybody else has 3 maiden names and 2 social security numbers now!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"You'd been surviving #PTSD for 28 odd years and do ART!? You know Van Gogh had a brother named THEO, right!?" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"What do you mean you've created #art of SERIAL KILLERS!? I am sure #Caravaggio never tried to hurt anybody!" ;) - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

HIM: You ever meet #StanLee?
ME: No I was just up there plugging my art!
HIM: Can you get me his autograph!? - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

ME: I just LOVE Heavy Metal Magazine! You ever read it!?
OTHER GUY: NO! But DOKKEN: DREAM WARRIORS and METALLICA: ONE was playing on my radio, dude! - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

I don't want ANYTHING that looks like contemporary art! Can't you just draw me the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!? - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"Whatdayamean you LIVED in the same area as Thomas Hart Benton!? I thought you lived 3 blocks away from the guy!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

"JACK KIRBY!! No, I've never heard of him! SOUNDS FAMILIAR! But i've heard a PHIL KIRBY! Are they brothers!?" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

CAN YOU DRAW MY KID!? He's a hyperactive 2-year fukktot & I don't have a picture with me! BUT IT'S FOR MY WIFE!! - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

JOHN WAYNE GACY! Oh, I never knew he painted and drew stuff! D'ya think John Wayne ever had any creative spurts!? #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

OK! ONE MORE! "Blacklisting!? IN THE ARTS!? I thought you could buy a CARBON BLACK ACRYLIC PAINT at Michael's!!" - #ThingsPeopleSayToArtists

:alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

And that's basically it!! 20 whimsical, funny and SHARP responses in my own little ART WORLD!! The sometimes fickle and plastic art works I am forced to endure in my lifetime!

BUT THEY could ALL BE TOTALLY TRUE!! Cause they are!! HEH!!


:alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

  • Listening to: SAXON!! [Brilliant music!]
  • Reading: Maurvern's Manic Typing Skills INCORPORATED!!!!
  • Watching: EDGE OF TOMORROW!!! [And THE FLY: 1958!]
  • Playing: With Imaginary Girlie-Boobies IN MY HEAD!


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