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Silicon based ecosystem

Hey ho,

something I wanted to do for y long time: a ecosytem based on silicon! The problem was that I always ran out of ideas when i was starting to draw and never liked to old results. In the past i tried to give the creatures some kind of cristal look, but it never looked natural to me. This time i tried to give the critters a more organic look and it matched! The "trees" have an exoskeleton like the animals. The whole ecosystem is based on the idea, that a the silicon world is like a desert world with "liquid dunes and mud-like hills". I am sure its not really scientific, but I like the idea and would put the whole thing into a fantasy-alien-world.
Hope you like! My personal favorite it the big worm-like thing with the "collector skin" and the black hole as mouth.
If there are any questions I'd like to answer them!

Keep on watching and please comment!!!
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neat, i like how the silicon based lifeforms are biomechanical yet organic, it reminds me of the Xenomorph from Alien, that creature was silicon-based but never looked crystal-like, it was more techno-organic.
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Awesome pic

I think people like to depict silicon based life as living crystals (or living rocks), because it looks alien (we do not associate crystals and rocks with living things).

Some xenobiologist speculate that the most likely habitat for silicon based life is a planet with high surface temperatures (either a planet very close to its sun, or a very volcanically active planet), and an atmosphere without oxygen. 

Are we going to see more alternative biochemistry ecosystems from you in the future?

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yeah, someone asked me to draw creatures in a world with extremely high temperatures (or high volcanic activity)... but I'm struggling with the designs...
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Titan lifeforms :)
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maybe, but the lifeforms were considered to live on a world with more sunlight.... it could be Titan but a fictional planet would fit better. Anyway, thx for commenting^^
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You are very welcome !

Not All lifeforms need heat ;)
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Eeee the designs are so cool. Very unique and thoughtful
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oh thank you very much, tooked me a whole evening to get some nice sketches and another day to finish the pic
so thx for liking^^
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Cool concept. I like all the different designs you came up with here. ^^
I think its good you avoided the crystalline life form cliche. It is often assumed silicon-based life forms would look like living silicate crystals, but there is in fact no reason to assume this any more than there is to assume carbon-based life forms would look like living diamonds or living graphite lumps.
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thx a lot^^

wow, this is exactly what i was thinking when I did the sketches for the pic XD
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Nicely done! I think you can safely let the crystaline look go. after all, we are all carbon based, but I don't see too many diamondheads walking around, leaving a trail of easily erasable graphite tracks behind.
Your favorite is quite cool, but I also like the angler fish thing above it and the shrimpoid critter left of the bulb trees. Once again you have managed a weird and wonderful plethora of elder looking forms. Love it.
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thank you really much ^^
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I willing to bet this is what the Gem Homeworld ecosystem is like.
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ok I never heard of that ecosystem . . . *google* . . . hmm, is it out of a game? ^^
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Oh, sorry, I was referring to Steven Universe. You know, like if the Crystal gems were silicon based life forms. Sorry for the confusion
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Definetly alien; like you, I thought silicon based life forms would be somewhat crystallized, like Diamondhead from Ben 10. This still looks awesome though. Might I suggest drawing what life might look like on a hot, volcanic world next?
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i could draw that, of course, even if i do not believe that life could survive on such a world, cause the heat would make it impossible for organisms to gain stabile protein structures.... let me think about it^^
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