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Sexual symbiosis


long time no see! Had a lot to do in the last weeks and no new ideas too. This one just came to my mind yesterday and I instantly drew it today. Tooked me quite some time but it was a lot fun!

The theme this time is Sexual Symbiosis. I was thinking about the possibility, that an alien lifeform could transform into something bigger by melting their genders together. Well let me explain this: male and female are sexual dimorph, which means they are one species, but the genders have a different look and a different behavior. To show it in a simple way I decided to draw some floating invertebrats (maybe from a planet with thick atmosphere). The females are blood suckers and highly aggressive, the males are nectar devourers, slow and passive. So, one species has conquered two ecological niches by splitting up the genders into completely different lifeforms. This is maybe a little far-fetched, but at least I think its a nice idea. But, the real magic starts when male and female come together - - - sexual symbiosis! The genders do not just combine their genes to make babies, they combine their whole bodies through a metamorphosis (the creature in the middle is the result of this combined metamorphosis, unfortunately the progress isnt shown, you can imagine some sort of cocoon where the organs lose their individuality and melt together). The result of the symbiosis of male and female is not just pregnancy but a new and superior organisms. This hermaphrodite is omnivorous and rules about the two niches as one organism. It may look a little "mutated" or "molten" but the body works perfectly and is now able to produce offspring and offspring and offspring and so on . . .

Phew, hope you like it! I had my fun :-)
Do you think this one is possible? I really want to hear your opinion!

See you soon, space cowboys!
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Very welcome ! :D
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Amazing Artwork! BTW,  Thanks!
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Tarturus seems to have already got the male-female fusing bit, but in a similar vein, males and females having different dietary requirements isn't unheard of either! Mosquitoes in fact are a lot like this - the males drink plant nectar, and only the females suck blood (though they also feed on sugars too) - they need the extra nutrition from blood for their future eggs.

Neat picture though!
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Really cool! Would you consider doing more designs on this theme? Like maybe a relationship akin to that of the Angler-fish? Or maybe a symbiotic relationship akin to that of mitochondria. Maybe an entire ecosystem where all male organisms are microscopic parasites living inside the female's womb, continuously fertilizing her? And males are spread by sapphic interludes between females? With the male parasites "infecting" the female, and then reproducing asexually. And maybe you'd see that the males began evolving into different forms, like males who have lost the ability to make sperm, focusing all their energy into asexual reproduction? And those are eaten by fast, eel like males, who evolved to search out the eggs and fertilize them ASAP. Or hives of males, who keep puffball like Sperm producing "Kings" fed so that, come gestation they can blanket the womb with sperm. Or males that disguise their "sperm" as blood cells and slip past the immune system of the fetus and become males in the fetus' womb, getting a head start.
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Damn, those are some creepy but lovely ideas 😆
let me think about it. Need some time to make a concept (have a lot to do in the next weeks)
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I love this! Very creative! 
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Very nice concept and alien dude :).
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thanks a lot^^
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Considering the life forms we have on earth, I'd say a pretty good chance. You have the male angler fish, who bites the female and literally fuses with her to become a part of her body, and then you have whip tailed lizards that are all female (literally, the entire species is all female) that can asexually reproduce fertile eggs much like your little monstrosity here. So, depending on the type of environment, I'd say pretty good.

After all the universe is a big place: what are the chances that we are the only life forms out there, complex or otherwise?
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exactly, the possibilities for life are enormous!
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You have outdone yourself, wonderful stuff and very nicely designed and rendered.
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oh, thank you really much^^
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Fascinating concept.
On Earth there are creatures where male and female fuse together- the angler fish. Though in this case it is really more like parasitism than symbiosis. Still, the concept of sexual symbiosis on some alien world is not something I'll rule out entirely. Maybe somewhere in the universe there is something sorta like what you have imagined here.
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thx, i think the same^^
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