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Plankton dragon

Ok, this one took me forever to finish. I'm not satisfied with some parts of its body, especially the tail fin looks kinda weird. But the complete creature is pretty cool I think. This would be a typical inhabitant of a gas planet where temperature are moderate enough to allow water to condense in the upper layers of the atmosphere which than allows plant life to evolve.
And this plant life feed the Plankton dragon . . . highly hypothetical of course, I'm not even sure if a creature like this could develop without liquid water on the surface.
Nevermind, hope you still like it!
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Feb 24, 2020, 3:07:45 PM
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i love this creature, even if you no longer have any ideas for upcoming aliens i hope you keep your account active so i can appreciate your alien art forever.

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Interesting idea. Maybe creatures like this could develop thanks to cells that are able to cool down certail parts of their bodies to catch steam and liquify it? Their ancestors might be brought onto the planet via a meteor or something like that.

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Sounds... pretty possible 🤔
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Whether it could develop or not, it nevertheless has a pretty neat looking design.
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Thank you very much 🤗
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well now that Plankton is a dragon, I'm sure he can steal the Krabby Patty secret formula know ;3
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Lol, well maybe 😂
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