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Future mammals - head sketches


Future mammals – head sketches

Hello there,                                    

it’s been a while since my last upload and I feel kind of sorry for not posting new stuff. To be honest I ran out of ideas for new creatures and didn’t have much spare time (and I played too much open world games *sigh*). And then this pic just happened – I woke up and thought: „today I’ll draw some more critters from the future!“ And here we go:

This time I only drew heads ‘cause I wanted to show more details and (of course) more creatures. I did not define the place or time the creatures live in and they have no concrete ancestor. I just wanted to show possibilities of future evolution, but they are ‚not biological canon‘.

All 12 creatures have some characteristics in common: they all descend from one ancestor which survived a big natural desaster in a world where humans never evolved. That means these mammals show an alternative path of evolution. Their ancestor could have been some little, armored fella like an armadillo. Their back is covered with osteoderms (little sheets made of skin and bone – I’m not sure how you call it in English) which make them more resistant. They although have higher evolved senses – better ears, more sensitive nose and some kind of sonar.


BELLOW NOSE – a big and very loud herbivore living in forests and swamps. It uses its big nose to communicate with conspecifics or to scare off small predators. They’re mostly as big as a deer or a moose.

FAKE SNAKE (TOUNGE) – a really weird mammal living especially in arid zones. It buries itself under sand or dust and uses its tounge to fake a snake. It catches carnivorous birds which feed on snakes. It has the seize of an average dog. 

SHORE STRIDER – if crocodiles extinct, maybe a mammal could fill up the empty niche. Well, I dont think crocodiles will extinct, cause they survived everything nature did to them. But IF THEY EXTINCT maybe . . . this one is the result and I’m not sure if I like the design or not . . .

HAIRN – an elegant and tall herbivore comparable with antilopes or gazelles. The name is a mix of hair+horn and I although like the resemblance of the word ‚hare‘, cause it looks a lot like a hare. One of my personal favorites on this pic. 


ROCK HEAD – a very big and heavy armored herbivore. It lives in steppes and is filling up the niche of elephants or extinct super-mammals like Indricotherium. The males have huge rock-like structure on their heads to fight against other males, the heads of females are much smaller. 

REEF PIERCER – well the sketch of this one looked pretty cool but the final version is just too . . . round! Anyway, the reef piercer lives like a seal or walrus using its strange shaped head to feed on clams

DISTURBER – a fast and aggressive predator living in the prairie and hunting in groups like wolves. It may look a bit like a mutated rabbit, but its definitely no relative. The huge nose and forehead contain an advanced sonar system for hunting even at night which makes the Disturber one of the top future predators 

RUSTNING – (swedish for “Tank”) this one is a huge and not really smart herbivore. It has developed a strong bone-like skin against any kind of predator and to protect itself against sand storms. The strong teeth can break up even hardest plant materials


PSEUDOPOTAMUS – like the name says it this creature lives like a hippo, it feeds like a hippo and it looks a bit like a hippo, but its actually much smaller and lives in big herds. It has conquered a lot of habitats caused by its amphibian lifestyle and is one of the most common future herbivores

GRAB LIP – another creature looking like a rabbit, but its the future equivalent of the giraffe. The lips are elongated and really flexible, just like two trunks snatching for leaves. It has excellent senses and communicates with infrasound

NIGHT BITE – a true predator of darkness living in caves and in the depths of the forest. Its completely blind and only uses its sonar to find the way to the prey. Its as big as a lynx but can kill much bigger animals with its contaminated saliva (comparable to Komodo dragons)   

LUFFEYE – the last one is a tiny and peaceful herbivore living in rain forests. It has developed a weird skin flap with an eye-shaped spot on it. It luffs the skin flap back and forth to scare off predators and although to attract the other gender

So, hope you like them. I try to create some more creatures but I’m not sure how long it will take

Please comment!



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now try to do future reptiles, insects and so on!, imagine future deep sea creatures, annelids and such things that would be mindbending.

anyway the heads are cool, but Rock Head has no eyes it seems, how does it perceive the world then?.
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Thank you 😄

Oh the Rock Head has eyes, but unfortunately i painted over the eye 🙈
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I think the word you’re looking for might be “scutes” or “plates”. Being English, I haven’t really heard any one use the word “osteoderm” unless they highly educated in biology; the common man mostly refers to them as the former two or even “armor”.

Overall, I love these designs! Wish you could have spent a little more time fleshing them out, but I understand the lack of time (speaking from experience); loved your The Future is Wild pieces.

Yeah, if I had to pick a handful of animals that could survive virtually any mass extinction thrown at them, crocodiles, sharks, horseshoe crabs, arthropods (specifically cockroaches), and rodents would be among them, with honorary mentions going to bats, raptors, lagomorphs, lizards, and some species of fish.
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Oh thanks a lot 😀
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What is the classification of each?
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they are random creatures, the classification isnt clear yet . . . I need to think about it 😮
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Interesting concepts.
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Thank you 😃
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